Google Page Speed Optimizer – 7 Key Factors to Consider

Definition: SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the art of ranking higher in a search engine’s unpaid results, also called the organic listings. SEO is the procedure of optimizing your web content so that the search engine like to see it as a high result for searches of a particular keyword. Higher Ranking simply means that you have a better possibility of being found by the search engine.

There are many factors that affect a website’s ranking. Among these factors is page speed. Search engines cannot read text fast. It has to be scanned for keywords and relevant content. The faster the page speed, the faster the web pages can be loaded and indexed by the search engines. This is one of the technical SEO elements that you have to consider.

One way to improve page speed is to optimize your web contents for flash, using frames and external links. Some websites offer flash presentations. This is a great idea for SEO since most people use the web while surfing. Besides, external links pointing to your site from other websites can improve your organic rankings.

Some of the technical SEO elements that need to be considered are title tags, Meta tags and keyword density in the content. In order to rank well for particular keywords or key phrases, the content has to be optimized for these key phrase keywords. Keyword density plays a big part in improving search engine results. The more the keyword appears, the higher the ranking factor. This technical SEO aspect is known as keyword stuffing.

Other than that, the page load time is another important issue for optimizing websites. The Google Panda and Google Penguin updates affected the user experience negatively. Most websites are affected by this update, but those which were built using technologies like Flash and Ajax are less affected. However, the content quality is not affected in such cases. In other words, SEO efforts focus on quality over the appearance.

The other type of Search Engine Optimization is known as Onpage Optimization. This consists of building link popularity, internal links, text optimization and link building strategies, to improve the page ranking. It is different from offpage optimization in terms of its goal. It focuses more on how the user will view a site, rather than concentrating on how the search engines will view the site.

Alt-text and image alt-text are also important SEO tools. Alt-text is an HTML code that appears when a user clicks on an image, and usually the first code written in a frame of the image. Image alt-text is an HTML code that appears when an image is clicked on, but not displayed, hence the name.

In order to rank well for both Search Engine Optimization techniques, a good web designer can help you achieve your goals. These professionals provide a wide range of services which include optimizing your web page’s layout, content and keywords. They help you stay on top of Google and provide you with on page search engine’s speed insights. If you want to get high SERP rank with minimum effort, then hiring the right SEO service provider is important. Moreover, you can also use these services to stay on top of other competitor sites and gain additional traffic.

Content management system is one of the best SEO techniques available today. It provides a systematic approach for designing and maintaining internal links to your website. It makes the process of content publishing easier and ensures that the right keywords and key phrases are used in your web pages. If you want to stay on top of your competitors, hire a good content management system company to do the job for you. Moreover, it provides the much needed SEO visibility to your website. With the ideal CMS, you can enjoy high page speed and enhanced SEO ranking.

On-page and off-page factors are equally important for achieving top Search Engine Optimization status. The first step towards achieving top Search Engine Optimization status is to build quality inbound links to your website. There are many ways to achieve inbound link building. You can participate in blog forums, article marketing, social bookmarking and forums etc. Each of these methods provides valuable link building opportunities to your site.

In addition, content management system plays an important role in optimizing your website and ensures that your web pages load faster. To take advantage of this benefit of Google’s Page Speed Optimizer (PSO), make sure that your web pages are built using the right tools and techniques by hiring a professional service provider. A PSO is an ideal solution for those who are having slow page load. With a PSO, Google identifies the difference between pages with HTML coding and plain text content and automatically detects the difference to improve the performance of your site and helps you to get a better ranking in Google, Yahoo or MSN.