Google+ circles – A New Trend in Digital Marketing


Google+ circles – A New Trend in Digital Marketing

The future of business and marketing is more connected, inclusive, and diverse; it’s going to be more of what we already know – connected, that is, to the needs of a real living world audience. Marketing today is more about creating awareness, or “retailing” a product or service. That’s good, because there’s nothing wrong with that. But with all of the ways in which people communicate with one another, it only makes sense that we’d want to have the ability to reach more individuals at once with the least amount of effort. Trending strategies for marketing your company to the future are about putting your company’s offerings in front of more potential buyers.

What does this mean? Well, if you own or manage a physical store, you probably already understand that to increase sales, you need to make sure that your inventory is fully stocked. That means that you must prioritize your inventory and implement methods of replenishment to ensure that your customers always have a reason to come back. But the idea that marketing efforts can go beyond targeted marketing to create a “lasting relationship” with the consumer goes against most traditional business wisdom. Digital technologies, however, are changing the face of marketing.

In fact, the latest trends in digital marketing research suggest that many of your current customers are simply addicted to the convenience and easy availability of online shopping. While they shop, they use their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. With all of these devices at their fingertips, consumers have a number of different places that they regularly check up on their business, whether it’s via the business’s website social media pages, or blogs. They are constantly on the lookout for the latest deals, news, and offers that can save them time, money, or both. With all of these factors working together, it’s no wonder that more consumers feel more comfortable purchasing online than ever before. The latest strategic marketing transformation is likely to be the shift toward mobile advertising.

Mobile marketing is already a staple in many industries, but it’s growing rapidly in popularity. Why? As we’ve all learned, people tend to remember what they see and hear. Statistics indicate that people are more likely to remember a mobile marketing campaign that shows statistics and other data compared to a dull, one-dimensional advertisement. If you want your business to be remembered, remember your customers. A mobile advertising campaign that focuses on capturing specific information from your consumers can help you build strong relationships that can result in loyal repeat customers.

Another important trend in analytics and mobile technology is voice search. Voice search is when your mobile users are able to search the web simply by talking into their phones! Not only is this a huge step forward in marketing efforts, but it’s another way to ensure that your customers and clients understand what you are saying.

Some of the hottest marketing trends in recent years have come from consumer behavior. One of the biggest challenges for any business owner or marketer is to engage consumers and keep them involved. Today, consumers are doing more of their shopping at home than anywhere else. More, consumers are relying on their mobile devices when engaging with businesses. Consumer behavior trends provide opportunities to target those individuals who are most likely to purchase your products or services. If your company is looking for a great new way to engage with your consumers and grow your business, consider incorporating voice search into your marketing campaigns.

Consumers are also trending towards mobile apps more than ever. Mobile apps are becoming an important part of consumers’ digital marketing strategy. Businesses that take this app approach will find that consumers are spending more time in their mobile devices navigating and using their apps. This type of digital marketing strategy has the potential to increase consumer retention and turn those consumers into loyal customers. App users expect personalized experiences from the social media outlets that they connect with and those apps provide a valuable service that can lead to greater engagement and loyalty.

The age of the internet and smartphone technology has ushered in a brand new era of marketing. As marketers become more attuned to this new digital landscape, it has become imperative that businesses develop an online strategy that targets this new consumer base. Companies that aren’t properly leveraging their platforms could be leaving money on the table by not capitalizing on the opportunities presented by today’s youth. Implementing a digital marketing plan that includes incorporating Google’s Material Design into your marketing efforts can help you truly reach your audience and bring new customers into your company.