Google Algorithm Updates & Panda Changes

A Google Algorithm Update is when Google makes small changes to its search engine algorithms. Updates to the Google algorithms happen when Google makes changes to its overall search system. These updates, however, are also known as minor updates, because they usually only involve making small changes. Still, these small updates can have a huge effect on your SEO efforts.

Google Algorithm

One major update in May 2021 was the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin. Google Penguin is a negative change to how people search for sites. Basically, it is designed to make it harder for certain keywords and key phrases to rank high in the search engine results. The biggest issue with this was that, it caused some websites to suffer from a drop in rankings, which would make it difficult for them to maintain their current positions. The result was websites with key phrases being off the first page of Google, and it took a while for the damage caused by Penguin to become noticeable.

Google Penguin targeted sites that were overoptimized, and that included using meta tags and other tricks to boost the ranking of high-quality websites. The result is that people will be searching for a site first, before coming across one that is over-optimized and stuffed full of keywords and other tactics that only benefit the site owner. The result of this is that you will lose your current ranking if you continue to use these tactics. Google Penguin on the other hand, is a neutral algorithm that only affects sites in the same industry. This means that sites like financial sites or health related sites will not be affected too greatly by Google Penguin.

Google Algorithm updates like these affect your SEO strategy in two major ways. Firstly, it hurts your rankings, but on the flip side it can also help you rise to a new level. If you are currently above your competitors then you have a good chance of recovering from the Penguin update. Penguin targets sites that are over-optimized, and that means they are stuffed full of keywords and other tactics that don’t benefit the main website but rather the owner. As a result, you will be able to take advantage of this and beat your competition.

Let’s take a look at how Google Algorithm changes worked before and after Penguin was implemented. At first, Google showed no signs that it was going to do any drastic changes, and it was simply looking to increase the rankings of high-quality websites. This meant that spam was slowly but surely getting banned. As a result, spam became less popular, and Google introduced more natural listings for websites. However, after a while, it was clear that Google was not going to ban spam completely, and now with Panda it seems like they are focusing on making the rankings of all websites in the same industry as high quality.

So, with all of this information it is obvious that Google hasn’t moved an inch. They basically just moved penguin algorithm changes to the higher ranks. What is still unknown is how much these changes will affect SEO rankings, and whether or not they will have a major impact on your business. You can expect the algorithm changes from Penguin to be mostly negative, but the results from Panda are still up in the air.

If Google Penguin and Panda were applied in their entirety then there is a good chance that every single seo practitioner and website owner would be out of business because most of them couldn’t afford to hire an SEO company to optimize their site for both of these updates. That said, the algorithms haven’t been completely changed, and the penalties for low quality content still exist. In fact, Google Penguin still makes some legitimate mistakes, which hurts people that are legitimately trying to improve their websites. Because of this, SEO companies still need to do things differently than they did before the algorithm change. Although Google hasn’t mentioned it, the natural SEO method is slowly being made obsolete by the algorithm changes.

However, there is still hope for the SEO community. Google’s new algorithm doesn’t seem to be too severe as a result of their previous algorithm changes, and this means that there are still a large number of SEO companies that can work around these changes in order to get the best results for clients. Google Penguin still has a large number of negative penalties associated with it, but because a large number of SEO’s are working around the changes and are optimizing for different keywords, there is no need to completely stop using methods. Many SEO’s have started implementing techniques such as link building outside of Google’s website and creating a lot more duplicate content within their own websites. Even with these tactics, it is highly doubtful that Google will suddenly drop all of their Penguin penalties, but rather they will continue toning down their punishments until their penalties start to become minimal.