Google Algorithm Updates

Recently, Google has surprised many with their latest algorithm updates. There is a lot of confusion and buzz around these updates, which will be covered in this article. However, there are also several major Google algorithm updates that warrant an immediate announcement. These are called Core Algorithm Updates.

Google Algorithm

The first of the major algorithm updates to Google is called Penguin. This algorithm change came about from a new feature called “spinning”. This feature introduced a new type of spam called “dofollow” links, which are essentially links that Google does not follow. The reason Google decides to penalize sites with follow links is because of the fact that they make Google less money. Therefore, they are trying to reduce the amount of money they lose through such sites.

The Google algorithm penguin also reduced the quantity of links a website needed in order for it to appear for a search query. What this means is that smaller websites were much more favored by Google in terms of ranking. Now, just the same phenomenon applies with sites with a large amount of backlinks. They will obviously need to work even harder to maintain their rankings.

The second major algorithm update to Google came in the form of Penguin and Hummingbird. The Penguin updates drastically reduced the amount of website content that was available for free on the web. In short, this means any site that uses a free version of content is at a severe disadvantage when compared to sites that still use paid content. The Penguin updates caused a huge dip in the rankings of websites that using black hat SEO strategies, such as link farms. The update itself did not directly affect SEO strategies, but it indirectly affected them.

Hummingbird updates brought about a new set of guidelines that are applied to all SEO efforts on the web. The algorithm updates basically brought back the sense of balance and professionalism to see efforts. Google has realized that too many sites that were ranking high for specific keywords had the major SEO services on black hat strategies that were not ethical. Google has now rolled these updates into their rankings to eliminate any confusion.

Now that the major algorithm updates have been administered, all SEO efforts should be focused on getting one’s site ranked higher so that the right visitors can find their way onto the site. This is easier said than done with the current state of seo. However, some SEO services have already taken advantage of the changes by creating quality content and writing press releases to bring back the attention to their client’s sites.

This makes sense because the major algorithm updates have brought about a complete revamp to how Google ranks sites. One key point that is being highlighted is that Hummingbird is not going to simply revamp the current Google rankings system. Instead, it is attempting to make search results more transparent in terms of the specific links that are being directed to any given page. Google has long been criticized for displaying search results based on links, but they are now looking at internal factors as well to determine which pages rank higher. In other words, Hummingbird is trying to create a more transparent system so that users know how to find their desired results and spend less time looking for them.

This makes perfect sense because human searchers are not going to blindly click on any link offered to them. Search engine optimization experts have long suspected that Google has been giving some results based on how many links are directed to a given page, but Google’s new ranking algorithm updates have actually explained this concept in great detail. Google wants to give its users the best experience possible and that is why they are putting so much focus on internal factors as opposed to external ones. In the past, Google has been accused of taking too much of an active hand in determining the rankings of sites. This has led many SEO experts to believe that the Panda and Penguin updates are not only going to have a significant effect on Google’s SERPs, but they may also have a significant impact on rankings in other major search engines as well.