Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm Updates

If you don’t know what a Google Algorithm is, let me give you a brief run down. Google Algorithm is a fancy way of saying “how we decide where to rank your site”. Basically, a Google algorithm update just means that Google shifted their algorithm in response to all the stuff being searched and read online. Google has been changing their algorithms for quite some time now, and every time they do so, it tends to affect one specific URL from thousands that are currently indexed. Read on for SEO tips for staying up to date on Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Let’s talk about two updates that directly affect SEO in the new year. The first is the Panda update, which Google launched in late June. With this update, Google eliminated some key elements that helped sites benefit from high rankings, such as the use of internal linking and internal pages. These elements, along with duplicate content, were considered a major reason why sites didn’t achieve success and were targeted by the update. In response to this new update, lots of webmasters turned their blogs into PDFs, and other types of content, in order to ensure that Google will not be targeting them in future updates.

The second major update Google made to their ranking algorithm is Penguin. Penguin is designed to increase the user experience, and provide better experiences for users when navigating through a website. Google implemented a new method called crawling, or indexing, your website, to make sure that the new updates are properly applied. When Google performs a new spider, they make an automated process that searches through your site and indexes all of the new changes.

If you want to stay safe from Google algorithm updates, and keep your website optimized for specific keywords, then you need to stay tuned to Google news. Google’s updates might affect everything, including your SEO efforts. Google doesn’t comment on their algorithms, so it’s impossible to say if or when any changes might become part of their search results. You should always remain on top of Google’s updates, but be careful about making assumptions about their impact.

One of the biggest concerns and changes Google made recently was the change to the way the search engine shows page rankings. Most SEO professionals advise Internet business owners to stay away from Google completely, as they might affect your Google ranking factors. Google introduced a new algorithm that displays the same Google PageRank formula that’s been used for several years now. PageRank has been shown to greatly influence a site’s position in search results, as well as the amount of traffic directed to a particular page. Because of this new algorithm change, many SEO professionals have adjusted their SEO strategies accordingly.

Even though Google is making two major algorithm updates this year, they haven’t released the full details just yet. Only Google itself can say whether or not they will be applying the new Google PageRank changes. According to Google Senior Staff Engineer, David Bailey, the core update will include several components, and Google is not yet ready to reveal the exact algorithms that will be modified. However, he did tell me over email that Google is “working on some refinements to our natural algorithms,” which means we might see more Google PageRank changes sooner than later. If this is the case, we might see even more Google SEO Optimization changes.

In addition to the algorithm updates above, Google is also making several changes related to its social media policies. As I mentioned above, Google tends to dominate the search results with its core search engine results, but it’s new social media platform, Google+, has attracted a lot of criticism from SEO professionals. If Google decides to implement its new social media platform policy, SEO strategists believe that the best thing to do right now is to wait and see what Google does first. Right now, the only thing that SEO professionals can do right now is to wait and see if Google implements its new social media policy, or if another algorithm update lowers the quality of the current SEO strategy.

The changes above are only the first algorithm updates in a long series of algorithm updates for Google. This is why it’s important to understand how Google Algorithm works in order to maximize your SEO strategies. While Google hasn’t disclosed their exact algorithm behind their updates, we can always trust them to do it the best way possible.