Google Algorithm Updates

Google claims to Update its search engine algorithm several times a year. In most instances, Google updates are barely noticeable. However, at sometime, Google releases a major change which completely disables a long standing SEO strategy. Google’s latest algorithm change was introduced with the introduction of Penguin and Panda. The two updates were designed to eliminate spam from a website’s search results. But, each time Google updates their algorithm, it totally disrupts how people do SEO now for good.

Google Algorithm

Before we get into the details, you need to know what these updates have in store for you. According to Google, these updates introduce four new features to Google search results. These four new updates were previously unseen by the SEO community. Each of these updates has major consequences on your SEO efforts. But, I would like to discuss only the most significant changes introduced by Google.

Google Penguin: Google Penguin introduced a new ranking algorithm which is targeted at websites with spam content. This algorithm changes affected all sites, not just the ones who were famous spam sites. Therefore, if you are a popular site or you used to be, you may be affected by this update. Google Penguin also tries to make the overall ranking system more fair by lowering down the PR ranking of sites which are constantly getting penalized by Google. For example, sites that submit inaccurate articles often get lower PR rankings than those who submit quality articles. Google also tries to make the ranking system more transparent by making algorithm details available on their official website.

Google Panda: Google Panda targeted sites that are over-optimized for paid advertising. Although, Google didn’t target AdSense publishers, they have brought their efforts close to them. Therefore, if you want to benefit from Google Panda, you need to fix your optimization strategy. Google made two major changes in this update. First, the ranking relevancy was changed so that ads of the same keyword will not appear twice on the page.

Google Panda affected every aspect of a website’s design and was highly effective in reducing spam. In fact, Google claims that this algorithm alone reduced more than 90% of spam. However, the biggest problem that you may face after Google Panda is the low rankings you’ll get for very competitive keywords. If you use proper internet marketing campaign, you can increase your page’s ranking with the help of proper tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and other web analytics tools.

Google Penguin: Google Penguin is considered as one of the biggest algorithm updates in the past few years. It basically tries to find spam and non-relevant websites. Basically, if your website contains irrelevant links or text, it will end up with lower PR ranking. Because of this algorithm change, many experts say that you can no longer rely on external SEO services. Instead, you have to find new ways in order to maintain your rankings.

Google Panda is also considered as one of the most effective updates from Google. It is aimed to decrease the volume of low quality websites that are generated by unethical SEO practices. As a result, high quality websites will receive more trust from Google, thus, high quality rankings. Unfortunately, this update causing major problems for SEO agencies because they couldn’t properly predict their clients’ rank and rankings before the algorithm’s implementation.

In conclusion, the SEO industry has suffered major problems after the Google Algorithm Update. However, even though Google Algorithm has weakened the positions of SEO agencies, a successful campaign always involves balancing the SEO effectiveness with quality. For this reason, you shouldn’t immediately replace your SEO strategies with ones produced by external SEO companies because SEO’s ranking impact is not exactly the same on each page.