Google Algorithm Update – Why Is Google Upgrading Their Algorithm?

Just when you thought that the algorithm couldn’t possibly change another bit, Google has surprised everyone again! This time, they have introduced Panda and Penguin. What are these updates? What is the big deal about them? In this article, we will answer all the questions that are lingering in everyone’s mind.

Google Algorithm – Google Panda and Penguin – Why were they introduced then? Some people said that Google did not want to upset its customers’ trust in the system. Therefore, they introduced two new algorithms which meant giving more relevance to search queries.

Google Algorithm – Google Panda & Penguin – How was the algorithm affected? Google made a few changes to their system, which affected their search engine ranking algorithm. It is said that the new Google Penguin updates affected the amount of times websites are showed in search results. That is why some Google SEO Tips is stating that getting high rankings before getting banned now become a tough task.

Google Algorithm – Google Panda & Penguin – What were the major algorithm updates? Google introduced two major algorithm updates which affected the way Google rank websites. These are the Panda and the Penguin update. There are many speculations about the Google algorithm changes but Google has released few details about the algorithm which we can understand from the Google blog post.

Google Algorithm – Google Panda & Penguin – How was the update affected? Google introduced two new algorithm updates which affected the way websites are ranked by customers. According to Google, the new Google Panda and Google Penguin updates improved the Google organic traffic flow. This means that more people are searching for the same keywords and are clicking on Google’s links to get to websites.

Google Algorithm Updates – Google Panda & Penguin – How was the algorithm updates affected? According to Google, many websites have been affected by the Google Panda update. Google Penguin updates were also meant to improve the Google organic traffic flow. But according to Google’s statement, the results have been opposite. Google has seen that even though websites are being ranked better than before with the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin, the number of clicks on the Google website has not gone down. Google states that the reason for this is because of the Google Panda & Google Penguin updates which changed the Google’s value-based approach.

Google Algorithm Update – Google states “the main theme of the recent Panda update is to increase quality scores, rather than the number of searches or the average age of the site. This doesn’t mean that all sites will see an immediate decline in page rank, just that we are going to continue to focus our efforts on high-quality content, even if that requires us to make some broad changes to how we look at sites that are low in the quality spectrum. We plan to keep improving our policies, so that we can better help you on your own as a user, and in particular, let you know what to do to improve your site’s.”

So according to Google, their efforts on improving the ranking of websites is not over. Google is still committed to making sure that the search result is based on the quality score. Google’s current definition is “a high quality Google page that receives lots of reliable incoming links from other sites”. With the recent news about Google’s plans to change the way it ranks websites, it is clear that Google is serious about providing its users with the best search results. And according to Google’s statement, they will keep their promise to provide high quality results by working on additional refinements and algorithm updates.