Google Algorithm Update Affects Less Websites Than Before

Google has just launched their new Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. Many Internet marketers are concerned about how these updates will affect their SEO strategies. However, there is no need to worry – the changes are mostly cosmetic and don’t really have too much impact on most websites. In fact, the biggest change is the elimination of the two major factors that Google used to determine rankings: the quality score and the link score. The reasoning behind eliminating these two factors is that they were no longer useful.

First of all, lets start by talking about the Google Algorithm. It is tremendously complex and constantly getting more complicated as Google attempts to give searchers the information they need. Even in the first few Google SEO articles I wrote, I tried to explain how Google Algorithm works. Basically, in every update Google makes, it goes through several core updates that change the way Google looks at ranking a page.

Google Penguin and Google Panda were updates to the Google algorithms. Google Penguin introduced a new quality score system, which tries to find content that is truly relevant to the keyword. Google Panda improved the webmaster experience by making it harder to rank for keywords that are very competitive, and Google Panda eliminated the use of many webmasters’ favorite methods to get links (i.e. directory submissions, directory flipping, and article directory submission).

Google currently uses three major algorithm updates every year. Google Penguin is currently being implemented, Google Panda is going live in the Google core index in April, and Google Panda’s data refresh is happening in July. So far, Google Penguin has been implemented on Google websites that had low rankings prior to the algorithm update. Google Panda caused many webmasters to lose their Google website ranking, while Google Panda did not have any significant effect on websites that were already rank as high as they were before the algorithm update.

Google has not yet commented on whether Google Panda will be a Bing update or not. Google released a statement saying that Google Panda will take effect on all Google websites with Google AdSense advertisements. Google has also not commented on whether Google Panda will affect Bing websites. Google stated that they have received “a few reports of people experiencing problems,” and that “most Google pages that were affected by the update are now back to where they were before Google Panda.” Google released a blog post stating that they will provide further information at a later date. You can expect an update to the algorythm of Google in the near future.

Google recommends webmasters to implement the changes to their Google pages immediately, and gives several reasons why. The update will help users find in-depth information about the most relevant search results for their query. Google wants to make sure that Google delivers the best search results to users. According to Google, this will help users find high-quality, relevant results in the search results. Google has also revealed two other important reasons to implement the update:

Google has not yet provided any specific reason as to why the penguin image was put into the search results. However, speculation speculates that the move may be an attempt by Google to counter the bad reputation left by Google Penguin and its controversial decision to lower the quality of links Google provides to some specific sites. Google has not confirmed that the penguin will stay or will be removed completely. Google has also not commented on whether the changes to Google Panda will be effective for all Google pages.

According to some analysts, Google Penguin and the Google Panda updates were responsible for about 25% of the drop in Google’s ranking. Google’s position in the SERPs has since recovered, but the recent algorithm change is affecting less websites than before. Google has not yet revealed any plans to bring the Penguin and the Google Panda updates back. Google has also not disclosed when the Penguin and the Google Panda update will be implemented, or how much they are going to charge people to undo the changes made by Google. However, some analysts have stated that the update is likely to affect less websites than before.