Google Algorithm Changes – Why Google Has Made Changes To Their Algorithm

Google Algorithm updates was introduced in Google Search Engine Optimization on July 6th, 2021. Google has always update its algorithm to ensure a quality experience for users. One of the major changes introduced in Google Algorithm was the introduction of Penguin and Panda. These two updates were supposed to be softer versions of the older Search Engine Optimization procedures. However, Google did a complete turnaround and Penguin are being considered as one of the hardest Google updates. This is because Google banned some high volume websites due to its excessive spam indexing.

Google started off with Panda in 2021 and released it every six months until the year end. Google released its seventh Google Panda update in May/June this year and it received a lot of negative response from users. Google banned websites with a high number of negative keywords and excluded them from showing on Google search result pages. After this, many website owners changed their strategies and started developing websites with less-keywords and fewer links.

Google announced another algorithm update called Google Penguin in August/September 2021. This was another hard Google update wherein Google reduced the ranks of websites which were intentionally published in spam pages, including adult sites and phishing sites. Google Penguin was announcing in August/September 2021, just a month before Google released its seventh Panda update.

Google released its seventh Panda update on October 3rd, following much criticism and debates on its recent changes. The first few days after the announcement of Google Penguin, many web owners who used to use Google Panda with great success were faced with a drastic decline in their rankings. Google released another algorithm update named Google Panda to correct the negative results caused by Google Penguin.

This is a typical example of Google changing their algorithm to suit their own interest rather than users’ requirements. Google made a mistake with Google Penguin, as the algorithm had to be tweaked due to the bad data that Google received on the use of key words. Google made changes in all of their major products and services including their flagship product, Google Search. If you compare Google’s previous search results with the current Google results, you will notice a drastic change in the search quality highlights results and the overall ranking of each individual query.

Google made further changes in October 2021, including the removal of the option for Google Webmaster Tools on the Google home page. Google eliminated this tool to reduce spam submissions and to improve the quality of Google search result. Google also added new features like Google Suggest and Google Instant. These two features are mostly aimed at improving the Google search experience of users. Google made a lot of changes in their algorithm since the panda update and many experts believe that Google removed the idea of quality score in order to focus on volume instead.