Fizziology: Improving Customer Service while Improving Conversion Rates


Fizziology: Improving Customer Service while Improving Conversion Rates

Digital Marketing is still in its infancy in the USA despite the fact that digital technology has been around for years. It is only now that mobile apps and other digital tools have reached the point where they are being widely used by consumers. Email marketing is still the most widely used digital marketing tool among online businesses and marketers to advertise their companies and communicate to their audience [Aweber].

Of all the small businesses and marketers who regularly use email marketing, 9.5% said email marketing is a vital or important component of their online business strategy. This statistic is even higher when it comes to mobile email marketing. Only 3.3% of small business owners and marketers said that they do not currently have a program to track their email marketing statistics. Email marketing statistics can be the key to help small businesses grow their businesses.

If you are unfamiliar with what amber is, it is a powerful and easy to use internet tool for tracking all of your leads, customers, subscriber lists and more. Not only can it be used to manage your list, it is also great to manage your digital marketing campaigns. It integrates seamlessly into your existing website to provide an outstanding tracking solution. Many small businesses have found that this tool has been indispensable. Here are some other common questions about email marketing and how to utilize aweber:

What types of online marketing strategies do you currently use to market your businesses? Have you tried social media marketing statistics? Are you using email campaigns, mobile apps, auto responders, content marketing or any combination of these? What types of websites/search engines do you currently rank in the search results for your keywords?

Can you tell from the statistics that you are sending emails that are not attracting any click-throughs? Is the rate of open rates decreasing? How are the open rates for your landing pages? What types of sites/search engines are bringing you traffic but not interested in buying your products or services? The statistics provided by aweber will show you the answers to these questions.

If you are a small business owner on a shoe string budget, are you losing money on every sale that you make because of the lack of a consistent marketing strategy? Have you considered outsourcing some or all or of your marketing campaigns to an expert in the digital world? Have you considered using artificial intelligence to automate your business? Have you considered building a social media marketing team to handle all of your digital marketing needs? This article is designed to address all of these questions and more.

Artificial intelligence has been shown to greatly improve conversion rates across all industries and business types. Experts in the digital marketing world are using this technology to not only build the ability to predict customer intent data, but also to pre-empt their behavior by providing customized marketing copy and offers to engage their interests before they click through to your sales page. Fizziology provides these capabilities, but unlike other vendors, we do it for your businesses, not your customers.

Adamson’s team of marketing professionals include marketers with experience in digital marketing, FPA certified product developers, and highly skilled designers. All of our team members have gone through extensive training and are experts in today’s digital world. We are committed to transforming your business with cutting edge marketing solutions while emphasizing customer service. Our aim is to delight your customers and make your marketing campaign a high ROI machine. For more information, contact us today. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations, one client at a time.