Five Ways to Increase Your Sales

If you want to increase online sales and improve your ROI, you will need to add a few key features to your website. Increasing traffic and conversion rates is important, but if the end user doesn’t buy from you right away, your investment isn’t paying off. You can learn a lot from other’s mistakes and increase customer loyalty by following the tips in this ebook. Provide your users with great content, incentives, and a friendly touch, and watch your profits skyrocket.

Increase Online Sales

If your current sales method isn’t working, consider what could be causing this. There are 2 potential causes: your visitors aren’t qualified (many people coming to your site don’t really want to purchase your goods or services), or your customer experience flow doesn’t convert prospective customers into actual purchasing. In this ebook, we will address both issues: how to increase online sales by addressing the usability issue, and how to create effective social proof for your products and services. With social proof, your customers will believe that they have contact information for the company, and will be more likely to make a sale. Here’s how…

First, we will examine the usability issue. The usability issue is the number one reason why most companies lose money on the internet. If your website is unsearchable, or contains broken links, your visitors will leave in frustration. To increase online sales and decrease your overall cost of ownership, create user-friendly web pages. Add informative articles, news, and videos, and get your page ranking up in search results.

We next need to consider the low conversion rate, which is the number one reason why most websites fail. Companies that do not gamify their customer experiences will never increase online sales because no one will ever buy from them. By making sure that you offer a great product or service, and are making an offer that cannot be refused, your customers will be more likely to purchase from you. For example, if you are selling affiliate products, offer a cashback offer on the final sale of one of your customer’s purchases if they order more than one item from you.

To increase online sales and keep customers back, also offer incentive. For example, offer a discount or a free gift with every sale made. Another great way to motivate your customers back is to give them the option to subscribe to your RSS feeds, or email you regularly with the latest specials and promotions. There are hundreds of other ways to increase your ecommerce profits by offering great incentives to your customers. Just look for the ones that fit your business model best.

A third way to increase online sales is to increase your web conversion rate. Web conversion rates are the percentage of people who visit your site versus people who visit your site but decide not to make a purchase. For example, if your web conversion rate is fifteen percent, increasing it by five percent would be a very dramatic increase. You can easily increase your web conversion rates through many different techniques, such as using AdWords, using PayPerClick ads, and ad extensions, as well as through unique content and great ad designs.

Fourth, increase your sales by reaching out to potential customers. The internet has changed dramatically since it was first introduced to the world. Today, almost everyone has a cell phone or access to a computer, meaning that your potential customers are often able to shop at any time. This gives you the opportunity to reach new customers and create loyal customers.

Fifth, to increase online sales you can offer free shipping and carry prices. Many customers like to purchase items in “new” condition. If you can offer free shipping with purchase and guarantee the item for a certain amount of time (sometimes just days), you will have a customer who is more likely to buy from you than someone who has to pay full price for an item. In addition, if you charge for shipping, many customers are less likely to make a purchase just because they had to pay to ship the item. Carry an offer for free shipping with your sales and you will increase your sales as well as your customer base.