Five Marketing Strategies That Internet Marketers Should Use Today

A great way to stay ahead of the latest marketing trends and stay relevant is to monitor marketing statistics. Whether you are focusing on search engine optimization, social media, viral marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, lead generation, e-marketing, advertising, marketing technologies, or sales, we have gathered a multitude of useful statistics to assist you with your online marketing needs. Here are the most recent stats available:


Social Media Statistics – As more businesses embrace social media to get the word out about their products and services, these websites continue to grow in popularity. It is estimated that businesses use at least six social network sites and that these websites collectively receive approximately one billion page views per month. These sites offer many advantages for businesses looking to market to their target audience. To obtain this information, simply log on to any of the top twenty most popular social media websites and take a look at the page views.

Facebook currently holds over 62 million users and is the second most popular website behind Google. While there are many businesses who use Facebook as a marketing tool, it is also estimated that about half of all Facebook users are new users. This website offers marketers plenty of opportunities to interact with potential clients and convert them into buyers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Market Research – As the number of businesses using Google’s platform increases, the competition grows. A savvy internet marketer knows that it takes time to make the initial impression and to build a positive reputation. Many companies, therefore, turn to search engine optimization specialists to increase their online visibility and improve their rankings. The number may seem overwhelming, but it is wise to consider what each individual element does to help your company generate more traffic.

YouTube – Millions of users visit YouTube each day and this website provides businesses with one of the most popular video hosting options available. As marketers begin to create promotional videos, the results from the videos can dramatically affect business outcomes. As new marketing trends emerge, YouTube’s user base continues to expand. In addition, YouTube boasts one of the highest search engine placement for websites. When considering the latest marketing statistics, YouTube should be considered alongside Google in terms of potential growth. It is easy to forget that video marketing is just another form of internet advertising; therefore, companies must stay abreast of the latest marketing trends in order to continue to reach their desired results.

Voice Search – Similar to Google, Yahoo! also features a voice-search feature. The premise behind voice search is that business owners of small businesses can utilize an integrated system to grow their business without having to maintain a large budget. Voice search can grow your marketing by utilizing existing digital marketing trends in order to increase traffic to a site.

Content Marketing / RSS Feeds – Even though RSS feeds have been around for many years, it is only recently that marketers have begun including content marketing in their marketing strategies. Marketers say that content marketing allows internet users to become more involved in your business, as they are able to read up-to-date information regarding your company. As more marketers incorporate RSS feeds into their strategies, the more they will see the positive effects that content marketing can have on their company. If you want your online business to grow, then you should definitely consider incorporating RSS feeds or creating custom content feeds to distribute to your users.

Quality Content – In addition to using content marketing to grow your business, marketers say that they do not want to leave out quality content when it comes to promoting their business online. By providing quality content, marketers say that they are providing an effective means for internet users to find information that they need. It is essential to engage in quality content marketing to be successful online.