Digital Marketing Trends Show Need for Changes


Digital Marketing Trends Show Need for Changes

The uses of social media and the internet have revolutionized consumer behavior and the methods in which businesses conduct their daily business. Digital and social marketing provides many important opportunities for companies through better brand recognition, lowered costs and increased profits. However, with all the excitement comes some myths as well, and one of these is that digital and online marketing will automatically grow your business. This article will show you the latest statistics on digital marketing and how it can grow your business quickly.

As we see digital marketing trends increasing dramatically, it’s easy to understand why so many experts agree that the best time to implement any advertising campaign is now. Social media has completely changed the way people interact with each other and allows users to connect with each other on an unparalleled personal level. It’s no secret that the key to success is in providing customers and clients with first-hand information that is relevant and true to them. With social media, businesses can give out the real deal by giving out information about their company, products and services in a more interactive way. When people interact with informative content, they are more likely to trust businesses and recommend them to friends.

According to the featured snippets statistics for QS Research, it’s not just featured snippets that are causing traffic to increase for businesses. Instead, it’s all of the traffic that results from sharing a link, embedding a code or clicking a direct link. As the following charts reveal, the most common reasons why a visitor is directed to a particular website is because of the optimized sharing buttons, links, ads, videos and other digital marketing tools. A closer look at the trends reveals that featured snippets are used on over 1.5 million websites across the web.

So how can it be possible that so many websites and brands are using ad blockers in digital marketing trends? Well, according to Advertising Age, it’s because social media is a major cause of ad blocking. The problem is, when you block social media sites from being shared, you aren’t necessarily blocking the advertisements. Social media sites offer relevant and helpful content, which is also a key factor in the success of these platforms. Therefore, advertising on social media will continue to rise thanks to these types of platforms.

According to Digital Marketing Strategies, a January report published by eMarketer, companies are focusing on five areas that will see growth during the year. These include the areas of inbound digital marketing trends, inbound email marketing, mobile marketing and SEO. All five areas are positioned to take advantage of the upcoming changes in the advertising landscape.

One area that is really taking advantage of social media is inbound email marketing. Nowadays, companies are focusing their marketing strategies on the way consumers use email to connect with one another. It’s important for marketers to understand that the rise of mobile apps is creating a new avenue for marketing. Inbound email marketing now has the ability to deliver customer data through mobile means. By monitoring how people are using this channel, businesses can learn new ways of increasing ad revenue.

Another digital marketing trend taking place now is inbound SEO, or search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial strategy that businesses must embrace in order to succeed online. Google’s Panda update was an important factor that helped drive people to brands using organic SEO techniques, but the best thing about SEO is that it’s not just about tweaking your site for higher rankings. It’s about incorporating the right strategies so that a consumer can easily find you online.

Another digital media trend going on now is mobile marketing. According to Social Media Analytics, almost 62 percent of internet users access their social accounts on their mobile devices. That’s a staggering number! Businesses must learn to embrace the changing mobile environment if they want to continue to grow. By utilizing apps to streamline social media and mobile marketing efforts, businesses can increase their reach and build a strong customer base.