Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations


Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations

With the explosion of social media and digital channels for sharing content, marketing has taken a whole new direction. Companies are now embracing the latest trends in digital marketing and incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. While it can be very time-consuming to research and learn about the latest digital marketing trends, there are some techniques you can use to make sure you are using the right tactics. Use these tips to grow your business with the latest digital marketing tools.

Use Recommendation Marketing. With so many platforms for sharing content, companies are embracing recommendations from their audience, customers, and other experts as a means of managing digital marketing. For instance, BizRate, an online service that connects B2B companies with independent reviewers, offers a recommended top seller from a trusted source that allows you to share a review with the network and receive credit for your effort. Social media is also a great place to find recommendations for content and services you want to recommend.

Measure Customer Lifecycle. Marketing trends involving customer lifecycle suggest that the marketing activities of today will continue to evolve in response to customer needs. For instance, according to one study, “customer lifetime earnings will continue to grow at a rapid pace through 2021.” By tracking customer lifecycle trends, companies will be able to identify what works and what doesn’t. The incorporation of customer lifecycle innovation can lead to even greater success.

Achieve Customer Lifestyles. According to a recent study by McKinsey, “customer lifecycle engagement has emerged as the driving force behind leading consumer technologies.” To grow your business and stay competitive, you need to stay on top of trends, developing marketing automation to help you achieve customer lifecycle engagement. One trend that has come to stay is the value of recommendation marketing, where you encourage your audience, customers, and other businesses to recommend your company to others.

Integrate Digital Marketing With Other Online Strategies. Companies are embracing digital marketing trends across many platforms. According to a report from Forrester Research, “many companies have already begun to integrate digital channels with traditional marketing efforts.” Integrating digital marketing with other online strategies helps businesses leverage their social networks to promote and engage their audience.

Create Hype Cycle. When marketing an innovation, it’s important to capitalize on the hype cycle before it peaks. According to Forrester Research, “the hype cycle may last anywhere from six months to two years.” The hype cycle can peak based on several factors including the complexity of the product, target market, media, and pricing. To create a large and influential group, it is best to launch digital marketing initiatives at the start of the hype cycle. When embarking on these initiatives, it is important to determine the ideal time to begin the process.

Work With Others to Accelerate Digital Transformation. While many businesses think they know how to execute digital marketing activities, it is important to collaborate with others in the business to help them realize success. Many entrepreneurs want to focus on creating their strategy and work with others in the business to execute their plan. However, to execute their plan effectively, they should integrate their strategy with that of their partners.

Shift Gears. As omnichannel marketing grows, many businesses are changing how they execute their plan. They are moving from their traditional media, such as print and television, to digital channels, such as the internet, in order to reach more consumers. These businesses should also consider whether their strategies will still work when they move from their traditional platforms to the new platforms. If not, it may be time to update their strategies.