Digital Marketing Trends 2021

The year 2021 holds plenty of marketing experts scrambling to keep up with the latest trends. It s an exciting year like no other, actually, with recent major events dramatically shaping digital marketing strategies across the globe. Unless you’ve been living under a stone or Norway, perhaps this laundry list should seem familiar to you:


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an incredibly influential marketing tool utilized by businesses throughout the world. SMM utilizes the power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more to create a huge buzz and visibility for brands. Unfortunately, it also allows the small guy to outspend the larger brand in an extremely competitive market. Brands that have not properly leverage their social media presence may find themselves quickly drowning in a sea of followers, comments and shares. A savvy SMM strategy can be the difference between a struggling website or thriving social media presence.

Trends in SEO, however, are changing the way brands perceive their online presence. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives website owners immense freedom to choose targeted keywords and phrases that will garner attention in search engines through search engine optimization techniques. SEO isn’t simply a black hat or blacklisted practice. In fact, one of the largest benefits of SEO is that it has grown into a valued industry within itself. Today, search engine optimization techniques are evolving to target specific consumer markets. This growth in target marketing techniques is creating a more demanding market for talented, digital marketing professionals.

Trend topics in digital marketing are growing at an alarming rate. In fact, some of the newest trends that are sprouting up every week are incredibly bold and cutting edge. One of the most exciting trends developing today is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows online merchants to monetize their website through commission-based payments from affiliate marketers. As one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing, affiliate marketing offers a highly versatile and powerful method for reaching new customers and providing new products and services.

Many companies, especially those that offer their services on the Internet, struggle with finding effective and timely methods of communication. Some marketers utilize outdated methods of communicating such as snail mail, email or even postal mail. While these marketing strategies may have worked in the past, new consumers have grown weary of receiving spam or junk mail. In addition, some businesses have discovered that advertising in newspapers and magazines often does not yield the desired results. In order to keep their customers loyal and continue to provide new products and services, companies need to implement creative marketing strategies such as digital marketing.

Another trend developing in digital marketing is client-based marketing. Client-based marketing encourages businesses to reach out to current customers and potential clients. In this type of strategy, an online merchant creates an online store that offers current products and services for sale by the merchant. The merchant then invites consumers to browse through their site and provides them with a telephone number to call if they have any questions. The online business also invites selected friends to learn more about the company through digital promotions and advertisements.

In the 21st century, new trends are emerging that utilize technology to create a dramatic impact on marketing and advertising practices. One such trend is pay per click marketing, which makes use of pay-per-click search engine campaigns that target specific keywords to bring up relevant advertisements. Another emerging trend in the field of online marketing is content marketing, which encourages businesses to write unique articles that are related to their industry and are posted throughout the Internet. For example, a local business could post daily tips and articles, recipes and other information related to their service or product. This type of marketing allows businesses to reach out to consumers, create brand recognition and create an additional revenue stream.

These are only a few of the trends that are occurring in the world of digital marketing. New digital marketing strategies are being developed every day and are making a strong impact on the global economy. While there are still many unknowns about this rapidly growing industry, it is becoming clear that marketing is moving into new areas on a daily basis. These trends can greatly affect marketing practices, as well as the profitability of your online business. If you are unfamiliar with any of these trends, it is important to become educated about the digital marketing landscape in order to successfully compete in today’s marketplace.