Digital Marketing News – What is New?

Digital Marketing News

Digital Marketing News – What is New?

Digital Marketing News, Updates and insights from late June 2021. In an article posted on the Google blog, Google revealed that in the next year or so, they’ll be releasing over four major updates to their Google+ community. They said these updates will be geared toward making Google’s social platform even better. They also confirmed that Google will be releasing six major features to the platform that will focus on mobile user experience, video conversations and groups.

The first major update is called Google+ Local. It’ll allow businesses to use social and mobile platforms to drive web traffic through their existing website. This strategy is called viral marketing and helps businesses gain visibility in local areas through various forms of media and technology. Google stated that this digital marketing strategy will start with Hangouts. They’ll continue with Google Wave, Google Buzz, and YouTube Local.

The second update is Google+ Local SEO. It will help businesses increase their online presence by optimizing their websites for local search results. Web traffic generated via local searches is considered a more effective form of advertising than traditional online advertising and Google+ Local SEO will work to increase business’s presence and web traffic to websites. Organic search engine optimization will continue to be a big focus for Google as well.

The third major update is the integration of i.e., paid ads with Google AdWords. According to the blog post, Google will be introducing i.e., sponsored listings for both search and mobile organic search. As we know, Google is working hard to differentiate its vertical search feature from the rest and thus, the development of its paid ad program is yet another example of its strategy to differentiate itself from others.

The fourth Digital Marketing News of the day is the integration of Bing’s CPM (cost per thousand impressions) with Google AdWords. Currently, when we do pay per click search, users only pay when there is web traffic. When they look for something on the web, they look for those that are relevant to their query. However, when they see that a particular site does not have any good organic back links, they click the link to see what they are expecting, and usually, it is not a site they were looking for in the first place. So, when a user sees a site that is relevant to his query but there are no good back links, he clicks the poor link and doesn’t get the web traffic he was expecting. Now, the Google CPM will be used to enforce a maximum bid amount that the publisher must pay for every thousand impressions of his video.

The fifth news is concerning the electronic billboards and TV ads. This was largely ignored by most marketers. However, digital marketing allows the electronic billboards to be placed anywhere near where the majority of people are working. This means that there is a possibility of getting more web traffic if the electronic billboards are placed in areas where there is more traffic.

Another point to note is the TV ads. These too, have been ignored somewhat. However, digital marketing allows the tv ads to be placed wherever the majority of people are working. This means that if the marketer makes use of the right SEO techniques, he will be able to get the online pr and pay per click customers to his website, thus increasing his chances of success.

A new term to be aware of is “mobile advertising”. The electronic billboards and online ads are being marketed using this technique and the marketing world has not seen such a good potential in a long time. Mobile advertising is just like using the normal TV ads, placing them on mobile phone, but, because the product is being distributed via the mobile phone, this makes it “wireless”. The digital marketing strategy therefore is to get the product to be advertised this way, which increases the chances of success even more.