Digital Marketing News Keeps Marketers Ahead of the Trend

For digital marketers, it’s important to stay abreast of digital marketing trends. It’s also necessary to keep abreast of industry developments, as well as emerging trends in social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing. The following digital marketing statistics are split across seven key segments, both in an infographic below and at the resource link below it, helping you zero in exactly on your main marketing method of interest. Take note that even though this is only a partial snapshot of the digital landscape, these are things that are likely to remain current for years to come. Check back often for more insightful trends.

Digital Marketing News

Content marketing has remained on the forefront of digital marketing trends for several years now. In recent years, however, due to the popularity of social media marketing (SMM) and the relatively low cost associated with SMM, content marketing has found its niche. While SMM and content marketing remain two of the most powerful strategies for driving targeted traffic, marketers have turned their attention to maximizing their return on investment by building massive email lists. In order to do so, they’ve developed increasingly sophisticated methods of leveraging social media marketing as well as content marketing budgets.

Search Engine Optimization has remained one of the most potent trends in recent years. Millions of new visitors are added to websites every day, and many of these visitors end up becoming new customers. This makes search engine optimization important for any company seeking to capitalize on its chosen trend. Digital marketing statistics provide valuable insight into how to make the most of SEO’s power.

In late 2021, social media will undergo yet another major change with the introduction of Facebook and Twitter. While social media is quickly becoming a major player in web communication, many webmasters are unaware of its importance. As many other users voice their opinions via social media, digital marketing trends experts predict that the influence of social media will continue to grow in the future. Many companies are already taking advantage of the growing influence. For instance, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of product development, encourages Internet businesses to “do more with social.”

Companies are also taking advantage of Facebook’s newly updated fan pages, which allow businesses to interact with their fans in an even more dynamic way. According to Digital Marketing News, a blog written by Jeremy Kelsall, a professor at University of California, Los Angeles, businesses should not ignore this aspect of social networks. “The rise of Facebook and Twitter has given companies an opportunity to connect with their consumers in a completely new way,” he wrote. “Social networking allows for highly personalized experiences on a much more personal level.” Digital Marketing News predicted that the rise of these two giant social networks will cause marketers to “be more transparent in their strategies.”

Another emerging trend is the use of Twitter as a means of advertising revenue. According to a blog written by Jeremy Kelsall, a professor at University of California, Los Angeles, marketers should not ignore the ability of Twitter to increase their exposure and customer base. “A major drawback of Twitter for businesses is its inability to provide advertisers with data about who is reading their tweets,” he wrote. However, he explained that Twitter can be used to find out which messages are most effective.

“There are currently some amazing opportunities out there for businesses that are trying to tap into the Facebook ads market,” Kelsall continued. He explained that companies need to first identify the audience they want to target. From there, they can start looking for Facebook ads that will be most effective at engaging with that audience. Digital Marketing News reports that the next few months will reveal many more interesting trends.

As we’ve seen with Facebook, the best thing to do is to engage your audience on a more personalized basis. The goal for most marketers is to get more engagement and click-through than what they were getting before. However, even with this goal in mind, marketers should still continue to use tools to track results. A number of web-based tools are available, including ones like Digitals. These tools will help marketers determine whether or not they are getting the highest quality leads on Facebook. While it’s not likely that digital marketing news will give up its status as a leader in the industry any time soon, using Facebook to attract customers may just be one more tool they can use to take their business to the next level.