Digital Marketing News – Important News You Should Be Aware Of

Have you noticed all the statistics lately about digital media and online marketing? Well, if you haven’t, you should definitely do so. If you have, perhaps it is time to take a closer look at some of these stats and their meaning for your online business and your marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing News

There are so many different stats and reports out there about marketing in the digital age that one would be crazy not to take notice. One thing that has been noted is that over the last few years, new visitors to sites have actually slowed down, even stopping their bounce rate altogether. The report goes on to say that this is because of the new focus users have put on mobile usability in their browsing. They want things they can do on the go and so they are not staying on boring websites anymore. In order to keep them coming back, marketing leaders are focusing on learning how to engage with these new customers and, in turn, keep them coming back.

AdWords, of course, has been one such area which has undergone a tremendous change in its usage as of late. It is no secret that Google was not happy with the way the system worked and constantly has been looking for ways to improve upon it. One such way is to ensure that it gets the best possible ranking in search results. To do this, it creates adverts that specifically match the user’s search terms and asks them to opt-in to the service or program in order to receive these relevant ads. With the help of the latest tools and analytics available today, marketers are able to get access to this new data and use it to make their campaigns more effective.

Another big story in the social media marketing arena is the news that Google is shutting down AdWords. This means that marketers will not be able to use AdWords to promote their products anymore, at least not immediately. This news, however, doesn’t mean that marketers should stop using the program altogether because it still has a lot to offer. In fact, they will be able to use its associated tools to further enhance their businesses.

Another example of digital media news worth following is the announcement by Twitter that it will be displaying third-party apps related to its verticals on its platform. The move comes as part of an effort to gain a bigger share of the search engine market. Although there are still quite a few Internet users who will remain skeptical about the usefulness of these apps, as compared to the alternatives, there is no doubt that it is a very welcome addition to the list of things to have. Small business trends experts also agree that it is a step in the right direction towards reaching a wider audience.

Apart from the above-mentioned major development, there are other digital marketing stories that you might want to pay attention to. For example, many people are talking about the impact that YouTube has had on the lives of marketers and other marketers’ lives in general. From the YouTube videos uploaded by successful marketers, to the strategies they used to get the most viewers, to the tricks they used to convince customers to buy, almost everything is being discussed these days. However, aside from the exciting updates regarding digital media, hard news and other aspects, you can also find a lot of information in the digital marketing news sources that cover this topic regularly.

For any marketers looking for fresh ideas on how to improve their online presence and thus drive more traffic to their websites, there is no better place to go than Digital Marketing News. There are a lot of digital marketing tools being offered by this resource, that allow marketers to create content, both text-based and video, as well as set up newsletters, comment spam filters, and even Google analytics. The latter two features are particularly useful since they allow you to monitor which keywords your content is getting registered with and whether or not it is delivering the intended results. If the latter is true, then you might want to consider changing your strategy. The newsletter, of course, offers you valuable content that you can use to do just that.

Apart from this, there’s news that you need to keep an eye out for, such as the announcement of Google buying SocialDeck, a social bookmarking site that allows users to interact with one another. This acquisition was first reported by Mashable, a website that produces news stories that are published online among other places. As expected, a lot of marketers are upset about this, considering the fact that SocialDeck will allow competitors to use the information they accumulated from customers in order to market their own products. Nevertheless, Digital Marketing News offers a lot of information on the matter, explaining that Google will be using the social media site to simplify its search results so that users will only have to provide relevant keywords to obtain what they are looking for. The site also reports that SocialDeck will be making the integration with Google’s AdWords much easier, which should encourage marketers to shift their attention there.