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Digital Marketing News is your source for the latest trends in digital marketing research and analysis. Digital marketing is an ever changing marketing landscape that takes creativity and dedication to stay ahead of your competition. The traditional marketing and advertising techniques of old are being challenged by ever increasing numbers of consumers who prefer to shop online for their daily needs and requirements. Digital Marketing News keeps you informed of the most happening digital marketing strategies and trends that are reshaping the advertising landscape.

Digital Marketing News

Digital marketing trends include such developments as social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon; instant messaging and text messaging services; video sites; and interactive online sites. Statistics provided by digital marketers at the Association of Marketing Professionals (AMP) revealed that nearly half of American consumers now use a social networking site at least once per week. One of the latest trends in digital marketing news is that website design is changing rapidly. Designers are creating more user-friendly websites with easier navigation for both webmasters and online shoppers. Statistics indicate that almost three quarters of all website traffic comes from search engine crawlers.

Digital marketing trends also feature in-depth market research from industry leaders who are constantly updating their knowledge on the latest digital marketing trends. Digital market research enables digital marketers to create custom newsletters, podcasts, and video blogs that are informative and entertaining for a larger audience. Marketers can also track the progress of their campaigns using a variety of tools provided in the program. This can help marketers develop new campaigns as well as determine if they are achieving the marketing goals they set out to achieve. Breaking news and updates delivered straight to your email inbox provide crucial information about what’s hot and what’s not as well as offering invaluable tips and tricks to make your online marketing efforts even more successful.

The other trend-breaking news in the digital world includes social media examiner updates. Social media sites continue to dominate the landscape of social, online media marketing. As a result, digital marketers must keep pace in order to influence, engage, and connect with their target audience. To be considered a successful social media marketer, a digital marketer must engage actively with followers and update their profile information, photos, videos, blog entries, links, and so forth every day. If a social media examiner fails to accomplish these tasks, he or she will be considered ineffective and obsolete.

Another trend in the latest digital marketing news includes the integration of video into the mix of online promotions. Videos have proven to be highly effective in engaging potential customers. There is no doubt that many consumers are now turning to video rather than reading text content when it comes to finding a product or service they need. With video being such a strong marketing tool for small business, many digital marketers are now making an effort to integrate video into their online promotions.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the last few digital marketing news stories is that the focus of promotion has shifted to mobile marketing and e-commerce. Smart phones, PDAs, laptops, tablets, and even gaming console are now being used by consumers as their only source for online purchases. As a result, many digital marketers have begun developing mobile websites and apps in order to support this new consumer behavior. In fact, studies conducted by McKinsey show that the mobile user spends twice as much time on mobile apps as they do on smart phones. This trend is only set to continue as more consumers become aware of their mobile phone’s capabilities.

Finally, one of the hottest areas of focus in the digital marketing world is search engine optimization (SEO). In recent years, Google has released many new features that are designed to help online businesses gain a competitive advantage. Google has even introduced their own proprietary keyword terms to increase competition. In response, many online business owners are turning to social media today in order to attract a greater amount of local traffic and to increase brand recognition.

These three trends are just a few examples of what SEO experts have to say about the state of digital marketing today. While it remains to be seen whether these trends will grow or decrease in importance, there is no question that they are here to stay. With over a trillion dollars being spent each year on search engine optimization, it is little wonder that professional SEO consultants feel that the time is ripe for professional advice. As the world moves ever closer to becoming one large market place, every company that wants to be heard must become proactive in the area of SEO.