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In this new series we are exploring the latest findings and trends from the world of statistics and consumer behavior. It’s time to dig into the meat and potatoes of the digital marketing industry, and here are some interesting statistics from our recent research. It seems that social media sites are quickly becoming one of the most vital areas of a digital marketing strategy. We’ve explored some of the most active social media sites, how they work for business and why so many people are taking part.

Digital Marketing News

With such a fast pace of change and updates in our daily lives, it is easy to get caught up in what’s hot and what’s not in today’s digital marketing news. It can sometimes be difficult to separate the good information from the not so good. In an effort to keep it all straight, we are highlighting the most recent findings and trends in our ongoing digital marketing news series. These latest digital marketing statistics are separated across seven major categories, both in our infographic and in the report which follow it.

Content Marketing Breakthrough – One of the things that has really made content marketing such a great success is the amount of original content that digital marketers are creating. The amount of original content being created by digital marketers is at an all-time high. This is especially true when you take into account all of the podcasts, podcasts and video content that the digital marketers are creating. Keep your ears to the ground for breaking news about this exciting medium, as it will prove to be a valuable asset for any company willing to tap into the medium.

Social Media Breakthrough – There has never been a better time to integrate social media into your overall digital marketing strategy. More digital marketers are creating user generated content such as blogs and vlogs. They are also heavily utilizing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure to their clients and potential buyers. As this trend continues to grow, the importance of content marketing will become increasingly apparent and no company should be able to ignore the importance of this aspect of their overall plan.

Search Engine Landmark – This has long been a contentious topic among digital marketers, but it’s no longer an issue which need to be debated. Google has taken over the search engine landscape and the company hasn’t said a word. They have essentially monopoly control over search engine results. They have also jacked up the price they charge for advertising on search engines. As a result, digital marketers have had to change their strategy and it no longer consists of paying for rankings but rather purchasing targeted traffic from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Branding Advancement – If you were to mention the phrase “branding news” to some digital marketing news consumers, they’d probably look at you with a puzzled expression. It seems that in order to attract consumers, companies are beginning to brand themselves. Brands are now more important than ever before and many of them have begun to appear on website pages. For the digital marketers, this is the ultimate goal, to brand themselves and to position their company as one of authority in their particular industry.

Video Content – With the advent of YouTube and other similar video sharing websites, content has become more important than ever. Many people are getting turned on to video content and as a result, content marketers are having a lot of fun developing and publishing short videos that showcase their work. Their main goal, however, should always be to gain and maintain a loyal customer base.

Social Media Presence – There was a time when social media only existed as a dream for marketing gurus and entrepreneurs who were willing to spend outrageous amounts of money on hosting fees. Today, however, more digital marketing news is being generated around social media. A lot of people are getting addicted to Facebook and other similar social media platforms. As a result, businesses who are interested in advertising online are starting to pay large sums of money to create advertisements on these platforms. In this regard, it is important for business owners to be aware of the trends happening throughout the digital world.