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Digital Marketing News is all about big brand campaigns, new technologies, and statistics. There’s plenty of interesting things to talk about in the world of marketing. However, I’ve decided to focus my attention on one area that is often overlooked or ignored in a lot of digital marketing articles – employee surveys. Here’s an article I recently wrote about the importance of employee satisfaction survey information.

Digital Marketing News

One of the topics we cover in Digital Marketing News columns is digital marketing tools and how they can help you improve your business profile. In one digital marketing article, we discussed how Twitter can be used to discover new features and customers. We also took a look at Google Maps, which allows you to find certain locations and points of interest in your particular industry. Finally, we examined why Walmart is rolling out Amazon assistance to its associates in Washington State.

But in this Digital Marketing News article, I want to introduce you to a new resource you can use to keep up with breaking news related to your industry. I call it the digital hub. The digital hub is a repository of everything you need to stay on top of your industry. Think of it as the dashboard for your entire digital marketing campaign. You can pull information from here whenever you need it. It basically functions as the central hub for your entire data sources.

The digital marketing news that keeps the digital marketers awake each and every day is what’s called the latest buzz in e-commerce. The buzz is all about shopping carts and credit card integration. If you have an e-commerce website, you have to take care of these steps to facilitate better shopping cart experiences for your online visitors. If your website does not have an integrated credit card processing system, chances are you will lose sales to your competitors. The latest buzz in e-commerce is the integration of these two systems.

Breaking news like this keeps digital marketers up at night. They know that their competitors are quickly implementing this technology and they want to be the first ones to do so. Digital marketers are scrambling to put together sites that will allow their online visitors easy access to shopping carts and to other links that will lead them to the information they need. In fact, there are many experts that feel that search engine land will soon be completely void of non-standard websites.

Another one of the most recent trends in breaking digital marketing news is Instagram and Facebook. Both of these social media outlets are used by millions of people around the world, and both of them are quickly becoming popular choices for online marketers. Instagram was launched just over two years ago and has become a huge hit. Many online marketers have created an entire business model around promoting images on this platform. Recently, Facebook was bought by Facebook for more than one billion dollars.

The top eight digital marketing news stories for the month of June were all about Instagram. People all over the world are posting pictures on this popular site in an effort to attract more followers. The number of users on Instagram has reached a level that has forced traditional media companies to acknowledge it as a viable competitor. If digital marketers continue to incorporate it into their online marketing strategies, it could soon force major news organizations to write Instagram posts in the future.

Some other key trends in breaking news include the rise of content marketing as a way to promote products or services on the Internet. This type of marketing tech involves bloggers writing articles that consumers can then read. The blogger posts the content on the blog, and when readers visit the site they can “like” the posts and have their comments appear on the writer’s posts. Content marketers are trying to capitalize on the success that social media sites have had when it comes to generating buzz about products.