Digital Marketing News – 6 Interesting Notes on Digital Marketing Trends

In this new era of digital marketing, it is important to understand what drives your company forward. One of the most powerful trends that you need to be aware of today is digital media, or more specifically web 2.0, social networks, and apps. These digital marketing statistics are split across seven distinct categories, both in an infographic below and in the comprehensive list which follows it. While we can certainly sum up the first five topics by providing data and statistics on page impressions and mobile usage, the data on apps and digital channels is much more varied. From gaming to travel to finance, there are endless possibilities when it comes to smart phones and apps.

Digital Marketing News

If you want to stay on top of digital marketing trends for the next year and beyond, it is important to understand how and why content marketing is so influential. Over the past few years, many experts have argued that content marketing has surpassed search engine optimization (SEO), in terms of delivering direct customer benefit. Content marketers understand that they must provide original, third-party, useful information for their customers, otherwise they will fail. Most importantly, content marketers understand that their job is not done when customers click on the advertisements that run across their pages. The job of a content marketer is to engage their audience and lead them to the conversion point, where they can make a purchase.

One of the first trends in Digital Marketing News this year is a big boost to paid searches, which have lagged significantly over recent years. This means paid results, such as sponsored listings, have seen a significant increase. With the notable exception of the Google AdWords program, which continues to experience significant changes, this trend is being felt throughout the entire marketing industry. In fact, it is expected that in the upcoming year search results will experience even more change than they already have. Therefore, it is crucial that you stay on top of current trends to capitalize on current market opportunities.

Another significant development in Digital Marketing News from last year is the integration of social media advertising. Mobile advertising, video advertising, and video marketing are all experiencing significant growth during the last year. If you have an account on Twitter, you are well aware of how powerful this platform can be. In fact, many marketing professionals use Twitter to generate leads and convert those leads into sales. Social media advertising will continue to grow and expand in both its effectiveness and scope.

Many marketers still use Facebook, but many others have ignored the social media platform entirely. In fact, just a few months ago, one of the biggest online retailers, Walmart, was fined $110 million for running false ads on Facebook. While this may seem like an extreme case, many marketing professionals are still conducting false ads on Facebook. While the FTC does not yet have sufficient evidence pointing to such conduct, it is important for every serious marketer to understand the dangers associated with ignoring Facebook. The same holds true for Google, which recently was handed a fine by the European Union for running AdSense advertisements that were misleading and deceptive.

In addition to Facebook, many marketers are also incorporating other social media platforms such as Twitter into their daily campaign activities. The big three, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest, are all growing at breakneck speed. This growth has made it incredibly difficult to keep up with the digital marketing trends from last year. In order to stay a step ahead, any online marketing statistics must take this into consideration.

The lack of solid proof that false ads were conducted on Facebook caused the company to suffer its first financial loss last year. Many experts were quick to point out that the lack of evidence did not justify the actions, but rather that the company was simply inexperienced in operating a social media platform. The FTC did impose a fine on the company, but it is estimated that the amount of revenue lost was more than what the company would have lost if it had been involved in using Facebook’s millions of active users as part of their marketing campaigns. Even still, it was a big blow for the company, and a blow that it has only managed to soften with the recent acquisition of Instagram.

In terms of Twitter, it is believed that the company may be looking to partner with the social networking giant in order to increase their advertising revenue. With Google’s upcoming acquisition of Instagram, the two companies could form a new entity that will help maximize their collective impact on the internet. Whether or not these deals will be fruitful remains to be seen, but if the reports are anything to go by, the future for twitter may not look as bleak as the recent earnings results may suggest.