Digital Marketing For Local Businesses Is Essential

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing For Local Businesses Is Essential

The biggest difference between digital marketing and traditional, online marketing is pretty easy. Traditional online marketing uses offline channels to advertise a company’s products and services, while digital marketing utilizes online channels exclusively. For example, a traditional offline advertising campaign might use radio spots, billboards, newspaper ads, and viral news stories, while a digital marketing effort could use social networking, blogging, and video to promote a company and its offerings. There are some advantages to this approach, of course. For instance, it’s much easier to “crowd source” and get feedback from people online that you wouldn’t get otherwise. But, there are also some serious disadvantages, too.

The biggest advantage to this type of marketing strategy is obvious: it costs less. Using Google AdWords or other pay-per-click programs can quickly boost your online presence to the top of the search results, giving you an edge in price per click over those companies who haven’t gone the route of advertising. For example, imagine a web page that has no content and just a few advertisements (in a tiny format, at first), placed on specific keywords related to your business. If those ads don’t convert or get clicks, you’ll lose money. But, if your ads are converting, you can go on to buy targeted placements with a high Page Rank, which gives you even more authority and value, as well as a higher price per click.

This is great, if you have a relatively modest online presence. But what happens when you start getting a lot of traffic, but you’re not getting any sales? Chances are, you’ll want to cut back on advertising in order to free up resources for revenue generation. In addition, your ads won’t be bringing in the kind of dollars you need to keep your operations afloat – you have too many competitors out there, getting your ads in front of your viewers all day long. It’s time to turn to other forms of advertising like display ads, RSS feeds and social media ads.

Display advertising is where you buy space on another website in exchange for a fee. You may be familiar with banners, pop-ups and other kinds of small ads you see on websites. This form of online advertising is most commonly known as Google advertising, or ‘Adwords’. Google AdWords is the leading advertising program currently available on the internet.

Social media advertising has exploded in popularity over the past year or so. Now, anyone with a smartphone has access to staying connected to their friends and family all the time, even while they’re on the run. What if you could increase the visibility of your business online, without increasing your online presence? Social media is the perfect solution. Let your social media network, do the hard work, while you focus on generating more leads, sales, exposure and other goals.

With a digital marketing strategy that takes advantage of the latest technology, you can get more leads, more exposure and more customers simply by creating a presence on the Internet. There are many free tools available to help you with this effort. I recommend taking advantage of these tools that are available for free. Some of them include apps for iPhones, Android smartphones and even smart watches.

As we’ve seen with Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising programs, social media ads can be effective when used appropriately. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re using AdWords, Facebook ads or other online advertising campaigns. When your business puts itself out there in the world through social media ads, it becomes visible to millions of people – including those looking for you. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the other social media ads available online can give you an opportunity to reach out to people who might be interested in your products and services, while also boosting your company’s visibility and brand awareness.

Digital Marketing for local businesses is a crucial part of the success strategy you have in place today. It is critical that you find ways to generate more leads, more revenue and more exposure to attract new customers, as well as retaining your customer base. A great way to do that is through the use of SEO and search advertising programs. It doesn’t matter whether you choose traditional methods, like print and television advertising, or more contemporary digital options, such as social media ads and search ads.