BrightLocal, Local SEO Strategy


BrightLocal, Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO provides a unique marketing opportunity for small businesses because their reach is limited. Unlike mass-marketing Internet search engines, smaller businesses can focus their SEO efforts on optimizing websites in their own local area. In this article, we’ll explore Local SEO and provide you with a framework for optimizing your business website.

Local SEO works by using on-page SEO tools like BrightLocal and Local Ranker to build local authority. Keyword research is critical to establishing a foundation for your campaign. A company’s URL should not appear more than twice on any page; it needs to be clearly labeled as a local business. On-page SEO tools like BrightLocal make it easy to find and monitor keywords. A keyword tool like Local Ranker will show you how many times your specific keyword appears on different webpages. Keyword research also provides insight into the competition for each keyword, allowing you to build keyword lists that are appropriate for your business.

Another important aspect of creating local SEO strategies is to submit accurate and up-to-date local content to local citation sites. Content that is submitted to the correct local content site receives high rankings and more visits. BrightLocal and Local Ranker offer tools for submitting articles and press releases, and we’ve found that Google indexes press releases more favorably than articles.

Another part of a local seo strategy is researching what other companies are doing to optimize citations. You can do this by conducting your own keyword research or looking at what your competitors are doing. For instance, if your company targets healthcare professionals, doing research on physician directories could increase your chances of appearing high in Google search results for “home care,” “family health,” and “mindbody wellness.”

There are other ways to use the information found via local citations. For instance, if you’re concerned about Google’s new algorithm called WebRTC, you might consider requesting URLs of any Web pages containing Google WebRTC interactions. Google has since started blocking WebRTC in response to requests from certain groups, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find out more about your competitors’ use of WebRTC. In fact, conducting your own local SEO research could help you learn about potential pitfalls in Google’s latest update.

Finally, you should always remember that a key component of a successful SEO strategy is attracting highly targeted visitors to your website. Many SEO experts argue that using pay-per-click advertising to attract visitors is the most effective way to reach your market. But even in this form of SEO, you should remember that you need to target your local audience. If your content is highly relevant to the context in which it appears, you can be certain that visitors to your website will be highly satisfied with it and will likely be ready to recommend it to others as well. With this in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent rankings on local citations, as well as greater brand recognition.

In conclusion, the most important aspect of a successful SEO strategy is its focus on local search keyword research. When you conduct seo efforts, you must keep in mind that a major component of the strategy will likely be local SEO. The increased relevance of your content will help you obtain higher search engine rankings, as well as attract happier customers. In the end, the more satisfied your customers are, the more likely you are to get repeat visitors and build strong relationships with your client base.

So, the next time you conduct a Google Web Search, keep these things in mind. Do your own web-based SEO research, and don’t forget to look at your competitors’ strategies! Optimize for your audience, and always include a link to your website in your meta description. Make use of both internal and external linking schemes, and be careful not to neglect your local citations. Once you’ve started seeing some results from your SEO efforts, you can begin incorporating a brightlocal strategy into your overall business strategy to ensure success in your niche.