Black Hat Vs Green Hat Search Engine Optimization – What is the Difference?

Google’s recent algorithm updates have caused many things to change in the online world. One of those things is the algorithm used by Google to rank web pages. A Google algorithm change is sometimes a very minor change and goes unnoticed by most people. These changes may be very minor and go unnoticed by most people, or they may be major and change your rankings almost overnight.

Google Algorithm

However, what people do not realize is that the recent algorithm changes were actually designed to bring about more changes in SEO (search engine optimization) methods. That is right. Google has always been one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to changing their algorithms to improve their services and programs. The latest updates were no different. Even if they only meant changing the ranking of some of Google’s most popular keywords.

These updates aren’t necessarily the best thing for you as a website owner. In fact, the majority of these updates have been met with controversy from those who disagree with the changes, and many times this debate has spilled over into Internet forums. The fact is that not all of these updates are created equal. Google updates are coming out all the time and many of them are decidedly negative towards the average Internet surfer.

One of the most popular updates aimed at improving the overall quality of Google’s search results came with the Panda update. This update aimed to eliminate spam. Some websites lost their places in Google’s search results due to this update. Other websites were not affected in any way. It seems that spam isn’t the top issue Google is trying to address with these updates, rather, low-quality content is.

Google’s SEO team has now moved on to the Penguin update. Penguin, which was introduced in May, sought to reduce the amount of “no-follow” links that SEOs used. No-follow links are SEOs that point directly to a website. Penguin essentially tries to cut down on the amount of spam that websites are receiving, which has led many to dub Penguin as “Google Slap” because it may hurt SEOs just like the original Penguin update did.

The latest algorithm change to Google’s ranking algorithm comes in the form of the Bert update. Bert update has been received well by SEO professionals across the board. Bert update allows new submissions to be placed ahead of older ones. The reason behind bert is to make sure that the most recent changes are shown to the top of the search results list. Google is also looking to prevent websites from using words or phrases that are popular keywords but have little effect on the SERPs.

SEOs can still benefit from these changes, but only if they use the techniques that are already working for them. Changes like bert update will not dramatically impact the rankings, and many SEOs would be surprised to see their positions to move up just a few notches. Google Penguin, though, made a lot of SEOs focus on their low rankings and how they affect their ability to rank well. Many SEOs saw a drop in rankings after Penguin was released, and some even got to the point where their sites were blacklisted by Google. With the new bert algorithm, this is no longer a problem.

SEO professionals who rely on blackhat techniques such as link building will greatly benefit from the Penguin and caffeine update. Google has, however, introduced a couple of different methods to counteract this. A method known as crawling, where Google will search through all of the pages of a website and crawl through the site where the relevant content is found, has been discontinued. Google is instead focusing its attention on algorithms which detect spam more efficiently. Other methods, such as injecting more natural links, have been introduced as well to help SEOs improve rankings. The changes by Google mean that SEOs need to be more diligent about finding ways of preventing themselves from being blacklisted, and in most cases, changing their strategies so that they are better equipped to deal with Google’s latest changes.