Big Commerce and SEO Statistics

With all the talk of the “SEO Gods” and the “New Economy” and “New Media”, you might be forgiven for thinking that digital promotion is not really all that important these days. After all, isn’t digital promotion the same thing as “push advertising”? Surely it is no different from the TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper adverts you are used to receiving, right? Wrong!

In reality, today’s market is quite different to yesterday. As our society changes, so do our needs and wants from brands. Word of mouth marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, is the latest incarnation of the traditional word-of-mouth marketing plan. The strategy of selling to existing customers and the use of coupons, discounts and promotions to grow your business has been around for years, but only now are consumers as digitally active as they are with their cell phones. Statistics have proven this over again.

Today, a consumer can communicate on the phone, on the Internet, in a restaurant, or simply by going to a grocery store without leaving their home. Just like push advertising, or marketing strategy thrives on the power of the “word of mouth” as well as the latest statistics to prove this fact. In fact, studies have shown that people are spending more time online than ever before. In addition, more people are spending time on mobile devices such as smart phones, which are now outselling all other traditional computers combined. In fact, it has been estimated that in the next two to five years mobile devices will overtake desktop computers.

As consumers become more involved and socially active, they want to do more than just read articles or browse a website. They want to interact with others and know that bigcommerce is there to help them accomplish this. To stay relevant in this day and age, a smart company looks to include mobile marketing strategies in their overall bigcommerce strategy. Companies such as Wordstream, Marketo and Social Mention are all using the power of the mobile web to help shape the future of communication between consumers and companies alike. While social media sites have exploded recently, the tight operation required to ensure the survival of a marketing campaign is still very essential.

Women are far more likely to engage in a conversation than men and according to studies, that conversation is much more likely to convert into a sale. Research has shown that people tend to trust brands more if they are featured in an Instance, than if those brands are featured in a blog or promotional piece. A big commerce campaign with Instagram has been designed around this concept, and the brand name Instagram account has become a vital tool in promoting any brand for that matter. A major problem that faces bigcommerce campaigns is that not everyone uses Instagram.

Branding is crucial to the survival of any business, especially in today’s consumer-driven market. In a recent study, it was proven that consumers can quickly identify a business’s brand from a random selection of similar businesses on the internet. This ability to instantly recognize businesses has made marketing more essential than ever. Bigcommerce and its statistics will be the driving force behind Instagram marketing strategy in years to come. If consumers can easily recognize your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you than your competition. Statistics are trending strongly in your favor and bigcommerce is taking full advantage.

Bigcommerce is a credible source for stats because of the wide reach they have into the industry. They have a large amount of influence over consumers and the fact that most people trust them speaks volumes about how they operate. As consumers, we are more likely to buy products if we feel that we can trust the company that manufactures them. The metrics offered by Bigcommerce allow consumers to do exactly that. Consumers are able to directly connect with the company because it’s easy to see all of their customers and reach out to them with any questions.

The social media presence of Bigcommerce has also given them access to the best marketing automation platform available. The Digital Press Suite offers an entire suite of digital marketing tools that allow marketers to manage their entire online presence while they continue to work on their SEO statistics. Social media is fast becoming a core component of any successful online business and it’s easy to see why. Having a strong social media presence is essential in maintaining high conversion rates. By integrating the best marketing automation platform available to a business, the marketers will save valuable time and learn more about their customers which will lead to higher profits.