An Effective Franchise SEO Marketing Strategy

Franchise SEO is an important part of any business marketing plan and must be considered an integral part of your overall business marketing strategy. What exactly is franchise SEO? Well, the way you take it into consideration will very much depend on whether you’re a franchisee or a franchiser. In essence, franchise SEO is just the science of growing the quality of visitors to your site via all available means, namely the internet. Of course, there are many things you can do to maximize on this marketing opportunity, so let’s take a look at what some of these are.

In the past, franchises were limited to utilizing one method to grow their presence: use of local citations as promotional tools. This included attaching a local citation to the website of the franchise or its location, thus drawing in local traffic and adding to the authority of the brand. However, today we see that there are so many other avenues that franchisees can take to increase their exposure and their traffic and, therefore, their revenue.

For example, there are several online stores and online sellers that do not even have physical locations. However, they still manage to thrive because they have a strong digital marketing campaign, which allows them to extend their reach to not only their existing customers, but also to new ones. The point is that business owners and franchisers no longer need to limit themselves to using physical locations to attract new franchisees and new business, because the internet has virtually taken over the entire world. This is why it’s important for franchise owners to embrace this powerful online medium and make the most of it.

Another factor which is important in this context is the concept of local level link building. Believe it or not, most modern day franchises actually rely on this concept, at least to some extent. Local link building ensures that your website gets picked up by various websites and e-commerce portals, when their users search for a particular item. There are several techniques of local link building, and the most popular of them is to use the Yahoo or Google local listing feature, which allows you to place hyperlinks on relevant websites, thereby allowing users to find your business.

The concept of SEO, however, goes beyond this. It takes into consideration the overall functioning of the business and what the search engines are looking for. For instance, if the business specializes in selling used cars, then the business may want to get itself listed on Google Places, which is an online marketplace where people can actually leave reviews and share their experiences. Moreover, the franchisee would also want his or her website listed on the local supermarket directory, which can help it get better ranking in the search engines. All of these can be achieved through various techniques and strategies.

Although the aim of SEO is to improve the rank of the website, the franchise owners scale of marketing strategy also considers the amount of visitors to the site. For instance, a small business with only two or three outlets will not have much impact on the search engine results, whereas, a large business with thousands of outlets would be able to achieve good rankings, provided they carry out effective marketing strategies. It is essential that the franchise business owner keeps on adding content to its site, as well as working on its social media presence. This will ensure that it manages to maintain a good ranking in the search engines and attract more visitors and clients.