7 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Online Sales

Here are 25 proven strategies to increase online sales:

Increase Online Sales

Set online sales goals. Focus your brand message on the products or services you offer. Find your ideal customer.

Learn how to improve your checkout process. If your website isn’t user-friendly, prospects won’t be persuaded to complete a purchase. An easy-to-use checkout process is a great way to increase online sales. Make sure your payment options are secure and that prospects can choose from a variety of payment choices.

Offer free shipping or gift wrapping discounts. Offer a discount for purchases of qualifying products or services. Free shipping or gift wrapping is a great way to increase online sales for many consumers. Consumers appreciate when they can get something fast. Free shipping and gift wrapping are both ways to get prospects to recognize your business.

Participate in social media. Social media allows you to reach millions of prospective buyers. A simple way to engage with prospects through social media is to add a comment to a blog or open a dialogue on a forum. When you make comments on other blogs or forums, this sends out a message about your business to the recipient. Receiving a lot of thoughtful comments to one post is a great way to increase online sales for many prospects.

Build trust signals. Trust signals are messages that let your prospects know that they will receive quality information from you. These messages include link buttons, phone numbers, and contact information. An excellent way to build trust signals is to use hyperlink buttons, phone numbers, and contact information on your website.

Improve user experience. The more usable your site is for your audience, the more likely they will be to return. One way to improve your user experience is to create pages that load faster and navigate more smoothly. Test various elements on your site to see what works and what doesn’t. Designing a site that is easy to use will also improve prospects’ experience when it comes to purchasing goods or services.

Use Facebook Adds to Market to Existing Customers and Lookalike Audiences. One of the easiest ways to increase online sales is to target your advertising efforts at individuals who have already shown interest in your products or services. Facebook ads offer several advantages, such as being able to choose how much you will charge per day and whether you will pay through currency, which means that your ads can be truly global. In addition, using Facebook ads to market to lookalike audiences such as Facebook friends, co-workers, and relatives increases your exposure, and because ads are targeted based on the content of an individual’s page, you can ensure that only those individuals with similar interests are exposed to your advertisements.

Twitter Cards Is an Excellent Way to Promote Your Products and Services. Twitter cards provide an excellent way to promote your products without spending a great deal of time creating content or driving traffic to your website. They allow you to take advantage of the conversations that occur on social media sites and share your information with targeted audiences without the need to make a personal connection with every individual who sees your tweet. You may also want to consider creating a Facebook fan page in order to share information about your products even more directly with targeted audiences. Both Facebook and Twitter cards are available free of charge, and they can provide you with an excellent way to build connections with other companies and increase awareness of your company.

Create a Blog Post to Announce New Products or Enhance an Old One. A blog is an excellent way to announce the release of a new or exciting product and is a great way to interact with consumers. As you can see, many marketing experts recommend that you release at least one blog post each month. A blog post is not only a great opportunity to share some news about your company, but it also allows you to engage actively with potential customers on an individual level. If you regularly create a blog post about your company’s products, you are setting the stage for them to visit your company’s website, view your free marketing tools, and see what kind of marketing materials you are offering.

Email Marketing Campaigns to Increase Online Sales: Many companies make the mistake of sending spam email marketing campaigns to potential customers that never asked for such information. To avoid this, make sure that your email marketing campaigns are sent to people who have shown an interest in your company’s products before. Many companies find that this tactic increases their effectiveness because it engages prospective customers on a personal level, something that many companies fail to do.

Building Branding Message for Your Site Mobile-Friendly Design: Some companies mistakenly believe that having a mobile-friendly site is not important if they want to increase online sales. The fact of the matter is that a mobile user’s experience on your site can affect their purchase decision very seriously. Many times, a person will not purchase a product or service from your site if they do not feel comfortable using the mobile device to do so. If you want to build brand credibility with your prospects, offer a mobile-friendly site. This will help you build trust with your prospects and make them feel comfortable giving you their credit card information.