6 Tips to Increase Retention for iOS Apps

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6 Tips to Increase Retention for iOS Apps

How can you increase retention when your organization has poor retention? A good retention strategy is basically a plan which organizations develop and apply to increase retention, avoid attrition, increase productivity, foster employee engagement, and increase customer loyalty. The key to effective retention lies in three elements: a strong brand, good communication and open communication, and a commitment to continuing to provide value. Benefits of Developing an Effective Retention Strategy

Brand Identity is the consistent perception of the organization, its values, products, and services. In today’s increasingly digital world, a great way to increase retention relates to creating and sustaining a consistent brand image. Customers need to have a clear understanding of the organization, its values, and how customers can be connected to the rest of the organization, as well as how customers themselves can be connected to the products and services they purchase. The best way to build this perception is through strong branding.

Branding is also related to customer recall and user retention. One way to increase brand and customer recall is to create a great user experience. Creating a great user experience means attracting, nurturing, and continuously engaging with customers, which should include providing frequent and meaningful updates, clear instructions, and regular (at least once a week) engagement and feedback with customers through the various channels. Great customer experiences will lead to great loyalty from existing customers as well as referrals, which are among the main drivers of increased productivity.

Great communication and digital marketing is another great way to increase retention rates. It includes planning, developing, and executing communications that effectively communicate the benefits of doing business with the customer. Digital marketing includes things like digital signage, video production and distribution, online advertising, social media marketing, and other forms of online communications. Companies should work to consistently communicate the many benefits of doing business, including the customer rewards, special offers, and the ability to grow and help others.

New features and customer satisfactions go hand-in-hand with creating a great customer experience. When new features are created or rolled out by the company, it helps increase retention rates. A great way to do this is to offer new features that increase the customer satisfaction rating, such as discounts or free shipping. These features give customers reasons to stay and return to the business.

Great customer onboarding New onboarding is a key strategy to increase retention. New onboarding strategies should include creating an easy to use customer portal; encouraging participation and sharing on social media; allowing customers to access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection; providing informative content; and providing recommendations and tutorials. Furthermore, onboarding should be constantly evaluated based upon feedback provided by current customers. If something does not feel right, or customers are not getting the answers they need to use the system, the business should make changes to improve things. Overall, great customer onboarding strategies will increase retention rates.

Businesses should also take advantage of mobile apps for customer support and retention. One of the best ways to get an app out there is to launch a successful promo that ties in with the app. The best way to launch a promo is to find a target audience and create a content series on social media. Inform your target audience about the new app and link it to other channels. In addition to a great promo, the app itself should increase retention rates. Consider launching coupons or discounts on the app to increase engagement and retain customers.

Lastly, a well developed in-app messaging system can also increase retention. This is achieved by providing quick and easy communication between various team members and departments. A simple message sent to one user in the group will likely reach many more users through out the organization. Uxbridge is an artificial intelligence platform that automates messaging across multiple apps. It’s best used for automating internal and external communication.