5 Ways to Increase Followers With WordPress

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5 Ways to Increase Followers With WordPress

Wondering how to increase followers on Instagram? You want the most effective Instagram marketing strategies to grow your followers quickly & easily. There are many examples of successful influencers making money using this wildly popular social platform. And you can too.

All you really need is an active account, a solid strategy and the right kind of Instagram tools to make the process even easier for you. A few simple tactics work well to target a specific audience in your niche and grow your following. The first thing you should do to increase followers on Instagram is use hashtags. hashtags are used by people and businesses alike to identify certain things in a photo or video so they can share it with their followers. Using hashtags allows you to find great content by people who are looking for a particular topic and is one of the easiest ways to increase followers.

Get the most from your app by integrating it with hashtags. For example, if you created an Instagram ad for a travel company, you would incorporate the keywords for that product into your ad. From there you could also add some hashtags related to travel so that those interested could find your ad and possibly your business. The app I am referring to is HootSuite. This powerful marketing app not only allows you to get followers but also has a whole slew of helpful tools including a “Hoot Suite” of apps to help you with any aspect of digital marketing including SEO, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Paid Search and more.

The Hoot Suite includes an iPhone app, Facebook application, Google+ page and a WordPress plugin. With so many features and functions, this WordPress plugin became extremely popular as a part of the suite. Users can track their engagement with other users, compare trending topics, see who likes what and a lot more.

The best thing about using this WordPress plugin for mobile apps is that you don’t need to have an account with the networking giant in order to use it. Once you have signed up for a Facebook page or a Twitter account and are ready to start connecting with others, you can simply login and add the Facebook page or Twitter account to your business account. In no time at all you will be able to engage with others through the use of a smartphone.

Another great way to increase engagement is to post photos or videos of yourself, your family or friends. Social media has certainly exploded within the past few years and more businesses are starting to take notice. With so many users posting on their respective social platforms on a daily basis, reaching your target market has never been easier. Engaging your followers in conversation is key to building your business and with this WordPress plugin you will be able to share videos or photos from around your globe with ease.

Hashtags are a great way to stay connected to your fan base. With this WordPress plugin you will be able to integrate the popular hash tag into your posts to help you reach an endless amount of users across all networks. It’s as easy as posting a shortcode into your website’s dashboard and then adding the hash tag in the title of your post. You can then find followers all over the world who are looking for information on your industry and you can start engaging with them right away.

Last but not least, Instagram is another great way to connect to your audience. To take Instagram to the next level, you should use the official InstaPic plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to use a graphic image as a caption for each post you make and automatically tags the photo in each post. With this WordPress plugin you can easily increase your follower count in an instant!