4 Ways to Increase Online Sales Through Social Media

Top 12 proven techniques to increase online sales include geo-targeted ads, geo-targeted email campaigns, consumer loyalty programs and online surveys. Combine all of those strategies with consumer loyalty and increased web traffic to your site and you will drive even more visitors to your site and increase your sales even faster! Today, many companies are offering consumers the ability to gain access to their local shoppers via the Internet. Consumers are sharing their opinions, reviews and experiences online about local businesses in a matter of minutes. Reviews from other consumers are being shared with other consumers and expert reviews are being published online to create credibility for local businesses.

Companies are realizing how valuable this information can be when trying to increase online sales. Businesses are jumping at the chance to have a presence on the internet and are using experiential marketing tactics such as consumer loyalty programs, geo-targeted ads and more to give themselves a fighting chance against their competitors. Consumers love staying up-to-date on local news, business news and sports scores locally. With an experiential campaign, you are giving your company credibility because it shows that you are taking an active role in keeping consumers informed and up to date with the news in your area. Consumers love the opportunity to gain first-hand information from other consumers. Geo-targeting can also give you access to new customers in other areas through cross-marketing strategies and the exposure of your business website to a much greater audience through the use of ads.

Consumer loyalty programs like experiential marketing allows you to reach a specific group of consumers who may be interested in your product or service. You are able to tailor your offers to these customers, knowing that they have chosen to do business with you based on what you offer. Experiential marketing gives your company credibility because it is clear that other consumers notice your company ads in a different way than other companies. It can help you draw attention to your brand’s website through social media sharing, reviews and feedback and through Facebook ads. You can also choose to geo-target your consumer offers to consumers in certain areas.

By allowing consumers to see your ads in different areas, it allows you to reach a larger audience. For example, if you are offering free shipping on an order within a certain geographic area, you can put a geo-targeting ad for that area. When someone clicks on your ad, they will see your offer and know they can save money on their shipping costs by shopping at your website. This will entice them to take out additional credit cards or make a larger purchase, which can ultimately increase online sales. Using geo-targeting on your Facebook ads can even help you increase online sales without having to develop brand awareness that requires you to market to the entire population.

Another way to increase online sales through Facebook ads is through brand awareness. You want to have as many people as possible familiar with your brand. One way to do this is through consumer loyalty programs. These programs provide incentives for people to stick with your brand because they get discounts on purchases. Facebook offers the top 12 ways to increase online sales through consumer loyalty programs and offers consumers discounts on their ads.

Content marketing is a great way to increase online sales through Facebook ads that draw on a customer base in the short term. For example, if you are offering coupons to customers that can save money on the products you sell, your content marketing will help build a customer base through Facebook recommendations. Your content marketing campaign can help you build your brand awareness as well as increasing customer base.

The third way to increase online sales through Facebook is through a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are an effective way to increase brand awareness. If your consumer base is based in a certain region or city, it might be beneficial to run a consumer loyalty program in that area. Some of the top 12 ways to increase online sales through Facebook for a loyal consumer base include giving away freebies or bonuses, offering coupons or discounts, or even joining a club. In addition, if you join a geo-targeted ad group, your advertisements are more likely to be seen by a specific demographic.

The fourth way to increase online sales through Facebook is through reviews of the products and services you offer. By running reviews of your business, you are not only letting potential customers know what you have to offer them but also giving them an opportunity to let other consumers know what good or bad experiences they may have had with your business. When you run reviews of your business, you not only allow consumers to share their experiences with others, you are also allowing potential customers to see your information in context. This increases your chances of having your advertisement approved and helps to build your brand’s image.