4 Ways to Build Your Customer Loyalty

Top 12 proven methods to increase online sales include geo-targeting, geo-targeted advertising, free email marketing, free consumer surveys and product demos. Combine all of these strategies with consumer loyalty, and you will drive even more traffic to your website and increase your overall sales! That’s right, I said increase. As in, your company could literally go into the black and have more sales than it had last year, just by taking advantage of some of the hottest marketing strategies around right now. That’s because the strategies discussed above work to increase traffic and customer loyalty, which leads to increases in sales and repeat customers.

Start Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) To Build Your Business. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can give any company access to millions of potential customers. By creating a presence on these sites and using compelling content, brands can gain a place on the front page of search results and have their business exposed to potential buyers that may not otherwise have found them. In fact, social media marketing is one of the best strategies for getting ahead of the curve. Start using YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels to give your business visibility and start building a brand.

Use Consumer Reviews to Increase Online Sales. Reviews are arguably the most powerful way to build trust and build your brand. Consumers are more likely to buy products and services from businesses that they trust and that has a good solid track record of providing those products and services. One of the best ways to gain consumer loyalty is to create original content and then allow consumers to share their positive experiences with others. Reviews are another way to build consumer loyalty and that in turn leads to increased sales.

Use geo-targeting to Increase Online Sales. Geo-targeting is the practice of creating unique ads and distributing them based on zip codes or city/state/town/subdivision locations. By taking advantage of areas where you currently distribute promotional ads you can use the experience of locals to increase online sales. By offering coupons for local purchases, offering special deals or holiday specials or just offering products and services that are unique to a certain area, you can ensure that you are attracting people who will be more likely to make a purchase or spread the word about your business.

Use reviews to Increase Online Sales. Consumers love reviews and almost love anything that is positive about a product or service. Making reviews available for people to read on the web gives you another way to build consumer loyalty. While there are many ways to get reviews onto the internet, YouTube seems to be the top choice. YouTube allows users to upload video testimonials and reviews of whatever they are selling or wanting to sell.

Encouraging comments on social sites is another way to increase sales. This works best with geo-targeted ads and offers, because when consumers read reviews on a site that is relevant to what they are looking for, they are more likely to click through to a site that they are more interested in. This allows you to again increase consumer loyalty. You want people who are already interested in what you have to offer to want to go to your website.

Pay Per Click is another way to increase online sales. Pay Per Click advertising is similar to buying traffic in that you pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad. This is an easy way to ensure customer loyalty since you know that the person is interested in what you are selling. Pay Per Click advertising also offers another way to build up your consumer loyalty.

Use geo-targeting to your advantage and increase online sales in no time. By using these four different advertising mediums, you increase your chances of earning more money while having more customers. These four mediums offer a great opportunity to reach target audiences that you would not be able to reach otherwise. Make sure that you are taking full advantage of all of these mediums and you can expect to see a significant increase in your profit margin.