4 Strategies to Increase Engagement for Your Business Using Quality Content Marketing

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4 Strategies to Increase Engagement for Your Business Using Quality Content Marketing

Creating compelling competitions is a highly effective way to immediately increase engagement on Facebook. The idea is to ignite engagement by driving users to take action to enter to win the grand prize. This works especially well when you’re promoting your business page using Facebook Ads or using Facebook Pages for advertising purposes. However, you can easily use contests to promote your business without having to pay out any money. All it takes is a little creativity and time to get your business off the ground running. Here are five ways to quickly increase engagement with your Facebook fan page and build brand credibility:

Use Facebook’s news feeds to post new content related to your target audience. Your fan page is more than likely the first place they’ll see your latest updates, so make sure to keep your followers up to date by posting relevant news stories and breaking news stories. When targeting rules for a contest to increase engagement, consider making sure your content marketing strategy includes updating your fan page with the latest news, it’s also a good idea to schedule times to post your news to your fans feed to coincide with their normal activity.

Facebook has a great way of connecting you with your customers, the company website, and even other businesses. The Facebook Marketplace is a great way to expose your business to millions of potential new customers. To get the most out of Facebook Marketplace, take a few minutes to browse through some of the content marketing examples the site offers. This will help you to have a better understanding of what kinds of content work best and who else is posting successful content.

5. Use a content marketing strategy that emphasizes user experience. Content marketing is all about giving your customers an experience that will make them want to return. That’s why so many successful Facebook pages include some type of element that makes your reader experience something they’ll want to share with friends. Use these examples as the foundation for developing an engagement strategy around a specific problem or opportunity.

YouTube Marketing With digital marketing tools like YouTube, your goal can be to engage your target audience. The secret is to create engaging content that has real value. If you want to increase engagement with YouTube users, focus on making videos that your audience will find informative and creative. If your YouTube video is too sales-focused or offers too many unneeded distractions, your viewers may go elsewhere. A great content marketing example includes the creation of the famous “Yahoo Answers” video.

Creating content can be as simple as creating a blog post for your digital brand, or more complex like creating an informational video. There are two major differences between creating content for digital media and traditional print or web content. First, with traditional print content, you have a deadline to meet, whereas digital media allows you to publish to the internet at any time. Second, with traditional content you cannot change the tone or keywords (unless you do a complete rewrite) until the article is published, whereas in digital media you can make changes immediately. In a blog post, for instance, you can add new insights as you spot them, but if you want to add a YouTube component or advertising, you can do so immediately.

HubSpot: For many small businesses, their social media presence is even more important than their online presence. Because this type of marketing is becoming more popular, HubSpot has created a page where small businesses can get tips and resources for their business. If you’re using HubSpot for your online marketing, you’ll find that it’s not just a place for you to post your blog posts and videos; it also allows you to host a website that will let other people promote your business. This is a great example of a HubSpot strategy that’s designed to help you get more exposure for your business.

Social Media Presence: For most businesses, social media is more important than their actual website. By using the tools such as Hoot Suite to manage your social shares, you’ll be able to manage your brand across the social networks. There are many more tools that can be used to promote your business through social shares, but by using high quality content marketing, you’ll increase engagement and your reputation quickly.