3 Strategies That Work Best to Increase Followers on Instagram

Twitter recently introduced two new features that enable businesses to increase their followers and engage with their customers on a more personal level. The first is called “Send and Share” which allows users to easily share short clips and videos with their Twitter friends. The second is called “Secret codes” that provide a way for businesses to increase their followers without having to promote or advertise themselves. These two new additions allow you to engage your customers on a more personal level and increase your ability to connect with them on a more permanent basis.

increase followers

If you are an Instagram user, you probably know how popular hashtags are right now. Hashtags allow users to quickly locate posts from friends and other Instagram users by searching for specific keywords. For example, if I were interested in learning about how to make my blog post SEO friendly, I would search for the popular hashtags #bloggingish and #instagramtoasts. With these two popular hashtags I should be able to find posts from people who are also looking for information related to what I am trying to accomplish in my business.

One of the most effective ways to increase followers and get noticed on social media is to use social proof. Social proof refers to seeing the proof that others are talking about you and making you look good. For example, if I am promoting an Instagram page for a business, I want to make sure that other Instagram users who are on my friends list are also promoting the page because this gives me more social proof that my page is doing well. I encourage people on my friends list to share the page with their followers and I also encourage them to share the page with their followers. This is basically social proof that the page and I are doing well.

A similar strategy that I am using to increase followers without having to promote or advertise myself is to use unique style content. The difference between this type of content and other forms is that it will give me a chance to build my brand on a topic that most people are already interested in. One of the best strategies I use is to write interesting articles, videos or blogs related to my product and put them on my website. People who are reading these articles and watching my videos will see a unique style of content and know that they can trust this new source of information. People love the content and when they find that content online they will want to spread the word and let their friends know about it.

Another way that I have been successful in growing my Instagram following is to engage with them. There are several things that I have done to grow my following and engagement. The first thing that I did when I started to notice a large amount of engagement on Instagram was to start providing detailed descriptions of my Instagram posts and linking them to videos that I had created. People who like to get detailed information should love to follow someone that is providing them with such information and I have been getting a lot of engagement from people who are looking for great content.

Another strategy that I have been using to increase followers on Instagram is by providing free giveaways to my followers. One of the biggest complaints that I see on Instagram is that people feel like they have to constantly buy products to be able to market their business effectively. So what I do is create a giveaway that is related to my niche and then send out the link to the giveaway to my followers. This works really well because people love to receive stuff and if they like the giveaway they will also engage with my Instagram page to see what is new in my marketing campaign. I have also found that creating giveaways for other people has worked very well for me.

The last strategy that I will discuss is by using paid and organic methods to organically increase my Instagram following. Paid advertising on Instagram works very well because there are many influencers that will pay you to advertise with them. What I typically do is create a paid ad for my brand and then I will promote the ad on other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. So my goal is to find several influencers that will pay per click and then I will create a paid ad for each one of them.

The last strategy that I am going to share with you is by using the power of viral content to increase followers on Instagram. The easiest way to create content that will become viral is to create content that your audience loves and then provide a link back to that content. So, what I do is I simply create content that is visually interesting but then I include a link to that content so that readers can instantly share it with their social networks. So if you have a video that is interesting and has great visual content that your audience loves than you should consider using this strategy to increase your following on Instagram. This is the only one of these strategies that I have used successfully to organically increase followers on Instagram but you certainly can try out the others as well.