3 Pain Points to Problem Solve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether they are posting fresh high-quality material or none at all, it’s common for businesses to post fresh, promotional content regularly, and yet receive little to no visible social engagement thanks to bad practices. Creating a competition in the form of a giveaway with a happy ending and relevant call to action is a powerful way to instantly increase engagement with Facebook fans. You can create an instant “contest” with your audience by inviting them to share a special prize you’ve created with their friends. You can give away a digital gift such as an eBook, custom wristband, or other high-value item that will help them or your business to reach new heights.

increase engagement

Social media is a constantly evolving online marketing tool that allows entrepreneurs to share content with millions of people. When you utilize content marketing tactics like contests and giveaways, you set yourself apart from the rest of your competitors. By taking advantage of the latest trends and tactics, you can take your company to the next level. There are two primary ways to use content marketing tactics for your business. One is through traditional methods, and the other is through digital marketing tactics.

Traditional tactics include creating high quality content, promoting your brand, and going live with social share buttons for your profile. It may seem like a difficult task to add this all to your social profile, but it is a great way to promote your brand in the simplest way. Adding a great amount of content to your profile, and then encouraging people to share it will go a long way towards increasing engagement. Adding a button that encourages people to share your content on a social platform such as Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to increase engagement. This button will also prompt your followers to connect with your brand when they do share.

Digital media includes everything from blogging, to sharing written content, to video marketing, to emailing, among other things. The best way to go about digital media and how to increase engagement is to create content that your audience will value. If you want to draw people into your promotional efforts, you need to post frequently. Post regularly on blog sites and social media outlets so that people see new posts and you are remembered by them. Post videos at YouTube and other social media outlets so that your followers get to see new videos on a regular basis.

A great bonus tip to increase engagement with your audience is to go live with your content. Going live allows you to reach out to your audience in real time, and engages your audience in a way that only video can do. The only other medium where this bonus tip to increase social media engagement works as well is when you update a post with a “thank you” or an update that says something like “you liked that.”

When you are thinking about how to engage your audience, think about the three main points of content that will help you increase audience engagement. The first pain point is when people come across your content without meaning to. This can happen anywhere, in your email signature, in your direct messages, and even in your subheadings. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to write your content thoughtfully, and avoid coming across as spam. If you have to add a reference to your business, make sure it’s relevant and clear.

The second pain point is when your content is clearly disorganized. In order to help solve this problem, you’ll want to incorporate keywords in your subheadings and bullet points. Your keywords should be relevant to your business. Use keyword kpis to organize your content. These are the keys or key points that will bring the reader to your business.

The third pain point is when readers miss your calls to action because they are focusing on too many details. This is another great way to build brand awareness. You can use media in two ways. One way to use media to draw your audience’s attention to an offer or call to action, and another way to share your message with your audience so they can tell their friends about your product or service. Using media in this manner can help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand engagement.