3 Major Algorithm Updates From Google

It has been an active month for SEO news! There has been plenty of Google updates, and now the beginning of the new Page view experience roll out. Plus loads of brand new Google Shopping and Business features is Google the brand new high end search engine? Finally, do not miss lastly, and read WordPress 5.8.

A recent SEO update caused Google to make changes to the algorithm used by Google to index websites. The algorithm update was released in April, but only rolled out to affected products and services in some parts of the world on August 1st. Now, even if you are not on that version of Google, chances are your SEO efforts are hurting. We will go over what areas need more attention in SEO and how Google is changing the way it indexes websites. SEO experts, beginners and pros alike have been impacted by this update and it is important for us as webmasters to take notice.

Google changed their algorithms in two ways. First, Google is no longer using complex algorithms to index websites. This process used to be quite time consuming and difficult to understand. Google has simplified this process with a better design. Now, everything is made as simple as possible for you, the webmaster.

Another major change is Google has implemented a social media algorithm update. What does this mean for SEO? Well, this means that users are creating communities and linking up on Twitter and Facebook, which are some of the best ways to connect with customers.

Google’s algorithm update also brought about changes that impact rankings. Google has implemented new features into their search engines that give greater weightage to external links. For example, websites that have internal links are much higher in rankings than those without links. Google has also made their text-based SEO more competitive through the updating of their algorithms. The result is higher rankings for high quality text-based articles.

Finally, the biggest update from Google is their new image search feature. With these three major algorithm updates, businesses will now have much greater control over their online marketing campaigns. SEO has always been a tough field to get into, but these updates have created a strong foundation. SEO professionals are now able to take their clients more seriously and understand exactly what it takes to succeed in this industry.

SEO professionals can expect a major impact with the major algorithm updates. Their business will now more tightly focus on search engine results. This means that SEO specialists will now have to work even harder to get in front of their client’s website. As we move forward, many business owners are already implementing these changes into their marketing plans. While Google is making great strides in making their site less frustrating to use, they are not ready to completely ditch their search engines. That said, the updates will make a dramatic impact and help SEO professionals to focus more tightly on their clients’ websites.

As SEO professionals continue to evaluate their client’s websites for marketing strategies, they should also pay close attention to the major updates. These core updates, if implemented properly, will have a dramatic impact on their client’s online marketing strategy. There is no doubt that Google is continuously making improvements to their system, but these core updates could have a very significant impact on SEO rankings. By being on top of the news, by staying on top of search results, and by implementing changes in a timely manner, SEO professionals can help their clients to stay ahead of the game.