3 High-Quality Backlinks Building Tips For Your SEO Efforts

SEO is no longer enough to produce amazing content. Think bold and big with effective off-page seo strategies to boost your on-site organic search rankings. If you own a Fortune 1000 business, you could hardly afford to ignore off-page optimization in your marketing arsenal. Research shows that companies that go into stealth mode with strategic internet marketing spend six times more on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than those who maintain traditional marketing practices. However, many companies still feel they have time and money to optimize their web pages by hand.

In fact, you don’t have to hand-optimize. Off-page SEO makes more sense today than ever because you have so many ways to boost your websites’ search rankings. Off-page techniques include social media links, link building, article submission, directory submissions, blog commenting, press releases and much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most effective off-page seo strategies.

YouTube Marketing YouTube videos are quickly becoming a viral phenomenon. Business owners and entrepreneurs can submit YouTube videos related to their product lines to receive free one-way links. When the video starts to get popular, it will not only be seen by millions of users worldwide; it can also generate thousands of inbound links to your websites, which will also generate organic traffic.

Backlinks Building Off-Page SEO experts often talk about backlinks as the invisible “arrow” that points to your website. A good way to optimize backlinks is to make sure the links make it to the right destination. For example, submitting a YouTube video to related websites and then submitting that link back to Google will probably not produce any benefits, as video sharing websites do not list individual links.

Anchor An important part of optimizing your website for the search engines is to incorporate the appropriate anchor text into your web pages. The value of anchor text can be quite high because it gives search engines the ability to read your web content, such as a blog post, more readily than plain text. However, it is important to make sure the keywords you use in your anchor text are relevant to your site’s target market.

Backlink Building Backlinks can be a valuable part of off-page seo strategies, but they must be relevant to the specific websites you wish to build backlinks for. In order to get the most out of these backlinks, it is helpful to do some research and pick relevant sites that share some elements with your website or industry. If your target market is professionals, for instance, then you should consider picking websites related to medical and legal professionals. These kinds of websites would likely appreciate a link to your website, as well as one pointing towards your other websites. As another off-page SEO tactic, creating blog posts or articles about your chosen industry is also another way of building backlinks. This also helps to expose your websites to the right kind of search engine optimization keywords.

Backlinks Off-Page SEO involves numerous methods to rank higher in search engines and gain a better ranking overall. Because backlinks are a major factor in off-page ranking, it is a good idea to do everything you can within your site to create backlinks. One popular method of backlinking is to submit articles and blog posts to article directories. Because they have very low page rank, the articles and posts will appear on the main index page of search engines. If you follow these tips, your websites will become more accessible to search engines, which will lead to higher rankings and, ultimately, to higher traffic.

Authority is another key aspect of high-quality backlinks. It is not uncommon for even established sites with high page rankings to have low authority among their peers. In order to obtain a greater amount of authority, many webmasters turn to blog commenting. Although blog commenting is not always recognized as a high-quality backlink building technique, many site owners view it as a means to gain a wider range of exposure by creating a more authoritative niche hub, which is also indexed by search engines.